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How does Xiaohan keep warm? Proverbs about Xiaohan

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Xiaohan is the solar term after the winter solstice in the 24 solar terms. After the winter solstice, the weather is also relatively cold, and people pay more attention to keeping warm. How can Xiaohan prevent cold and keep warm? What are the proverbs about Xiao Han? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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how to prevent cold and keep warm 1. We all know that keeping warm feet is very important. Although feet support the "building" of the human body, they are far away from the heart, blood circulation is easily affected, and the subcutaneous fat layer is thin, the thermal insulation performance is poor, and they are easy to get cold. Therefore, we must pay attention to keeping shoes and socks warm and dry in winter; After sitting for 2 ~ 3 hours, you can get up and walk for 10 minutes to promote the blood circulation of your feet. In addition, before going to bed, soak your feet in hot water and massage the center of your feet with your palm for about 10 minutes, which can also play the role of health care.

2. The head is warm. Most of the human meridians converge on the head. The head is not protected. Just like a thermos without a lid, the Yang Qi in the body is most likely to dissipate. Therefore, it is necessary to wear a suitable hat when going out in winter. When the temperature is low in winter, you should be careful in choosing hats. You should mainly keep warm, such as wool woven hats, knitted hats, cotton hats or woolen hats, so as to better protect your ears and head.

3. Warm the neck, take the head, and then the trunk of the body. It can be called a very important part of the human body. When the neck of the human body gets cold, it may lead to local vasoconstriction, rapid reduction of blood, and even cause dizziness, insufficient blood supply to the brain and other discomfort. Therefore, when you go out in winter, you must prepare a warm scarf to resist the invasion of wind and cold and prevent colds.

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4. The knee is warm. The elderly must pay attention to the measures to keep their knees warm in winter. In fact, this also has a certain reason. The fat of the knee joint is relatively small, and it is easy to receive cold stimulation. In winter, the blood supply around the knee joint will be reduced, and the ability to protect and regulate the body will be reduced. The cold is easy to invade and easily induce knee pain. Therefore, for women, it is best not to wear short skirts and Capris in winter. When cycling and going out for exercise, you can wear knee pads, and pay attention not to exercise too much.

5. Ears are warm. Although the volume of the ears is small, they have a large area in contact with the air, and heat is easy to dissipate. Moreover, "the ears are gathered by the ancestral veins", and the twelve meridians pass through the ears. Therefore, they must "wear" warm coats when going out in winter. You can wear ear bags, or cover your ears with a wide hat and scarf; When entering the warm room from the outside, you can quickly rub your ears with your hands to make them warm quickly.

Proverbs about small cold 1. Small cold and great cold, frozen into a ball. 2. Little cold and big cold, ready for the new year. 3. The cold is in Sanjiu and the heat is in the middle. 4. Wax seven and Laba, go out and freeze. 5. La Qi La Ba, freeze to death dry duck. 6. Wax seven Laba, freeze cracked feet.

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7, 39, 49, freeze and break the mortar. 8, 39, 49, walking on the ice. 9. Heavy snow occurs every year, not in March and April. 10. No snow on March 9 and April 9, and drought on May 9 and June 9. 11. The third white in the twelfth lunar month will harvest wheat in the coming year. 12. There are three white scenes in the twelfth lunar month. Every family has wheat. 13. The third day of the twelfth lunar month is white, suitable for wheat dishes. 14. The snow in December is half a foot thick, and the wheat is not enough. 15. Nine miles of snow and water melt for a foot, so that there is no place to put the wheat. 16. The snow in Jiuli is as hard as iron. 17. There are three fogs in the twelfth lunar month, and the road is formed at the bottom of the river.


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