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Is it the coldest time to wear what clothes to keep out the cold

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great cold is the last of the 24 solar terms, that is, the 24th solar term. When the great cold comes, people's biggest consideration is whether the solar term will be very cold. Is the great cold the coldest time? What do you wear to keep out the cold? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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the coldest time of the year: the cold solar term is not the coldest time. Literally, the cold solar term should be the lowest time of the year, but in fact, the temperature of the cold solar term is not the coldest time of the year, Although the oblique light is the most powerful before and after the winter solstice, the surface layer still has the heat accumulated since summer. During the light cold period, the surface layer stores the least heat. Therefore, the light cold solar term weather is the coldest.

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what clothes to wear to keep out the cold the first move: when it's cold, close fitting clothes must be elastic and tight to isolate the cold air. Clothes of the same material must be warmer than those of the latter, and the fitting clothes can show the curve better, Natural and beautiful. But fit clothes must be sweat absorbing and breathable. Cotton with a little elastic fiber is the best combination. Now there are many underwear made of special materials, which are really warm, and the price is reasonable. It is a good choice. The second move: carefully select the material of the sweater. The open silk rice sweater is light and comfortable, and it is not easy to lose hair. It has excellent elasticity, but it must be dry cleaned. In addition, the wool should not directly contact the skin. It is best to lined with cotton fir to avoid allergy. Generally, it is enough to wear two clothes indoors.

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the third move: the choice of coat, the cotton jacket or cotton jacket can be flat and gorgeous, can block the wind and rain and can be washed. People who are afraid of the cold wear feather clothes, and women who love beauty wear windbreaker is also very beautiful. The fourth move: the application of scarf and shawl can keep the neck warm and the body warm. If there is a good shawl, the cold proof effect can be as good as a coat, and it is light and good color matching. The scarf can be matched with the coat to make the finishing point. The fifth move: keep your legs warm. Tights, tight jeans and riding boots are warm and safe. When it is cold, riding boots wrapped around your ankles can protect you, but the heels should not be too high, and the soles must be anti-skid.

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