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Things you can't do in cold health preservation

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cold is one of the 24 solar terms and the last solar term. People also pay attention to health preservation in cold weather. What are the taboos for health preservation in cold weather? What can't be done in the cold? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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taboos for health preservation in cold do not damage Yin and fluid. Another key point of health preservation during cold is nourishing yin. Generally, the precipitation in the Yangtze River Basin decreases from the winter solstice. After a month of cold, the solar term is the driest period. The average air humidity during the day is generally less than 50%, and sometimes the indoor humidity is even only about 30%. With the decrease of water vapor between heaven and earth, the Yin fluid in the human body will be easy to be insufficient. Many people with chronic respiratory diseases often have the feeling of cough and phlegm, or sticky sputum and unclean expectoration. Patients with cardiovascular disease are more likely to increase blood viscosity. If the vascular elastic function decreases due to hypertension and old age, it is more likely to induce dangerous situations such as myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and intracerebral hemorrhage. In terms of daily life, if the indoor heating or air conditioning is often turned on, in addition to paying attention to regular ventilation, it is best to use some air humidifiers to improve the humidity in the air. If you sleep at night with an electric blanket, try not to turn it on overnight or too hot. Try to drink more water. Don't wait until your mouth is dry. Drink a cup of warm water before going to bed and after getting up every day. It is best to drink some water before and after bathing to supplement the lost water.


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. It is not suitable to eat dry and hot things. The severe cold is the last of the 24 solar terms. At this time in Beijing, the weather is cold. Health preservation should conform to the natural law, focus on accumulating Yin and protecting Yang, and should be hot. Do not eat raw, cold, sticky and hard food that is not easy to digest, so as to prevent damaging the Yang Qi of the spleen and stomach, and do not eat too much dry and hot things. Before and after the cold solar term, people can adjust their diet according to different physique. People who are partial to Yang deficiency should eat warm food. Mutton and chicken belong to warm food; Those with Yin deficiency should eat Yin nourishing food. They can eat more duck, goose, fungus, etc. Tonic should be taken in combination with their own physique and symptoms. It is best to consult professionals before tonic. Spring begins after the cold. In order to adapt to seasonal changes, you can also eat more food with ascending and dispersing properties, so as to adapt to the characteristics of the rise of all things in spring in advance.

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do not exercise too much. In the cold season, do not exercise too much and sweat too much, so as to avoid Yang Qi coming out with sweat and being damaged. Exercise should be carried out in the sunny place of the square. Sports can choose fast walking, jogging, square dance, etc. according to their preferences. The exercise intensity depends on your physical condition. It's best to sweat slightly. It's best to suspend exercise in haze and snow days.


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