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What should I pay attention to when fishing in heavy snow

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when there is heavy snow, people who like fishing will choose to go out fishing at this time, because at this time, although the weather is cold, it is a good time for fishing. What are the skills of fishing in heavy snow? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

大雪钓鱼的技巧 需要注意哪些事情 you may be interested in: what are the characteristics of the heavy snow solar term? The skills of

heavy snow fishing mainly focus on the target fish species. After entering the winter, the temperature is lower and lower day by day, and the water temperature also decreases. Most freshwater fish narrow the range of activities, reduce the frequency of eating, and some fish even stop eating and hibernate. When fishing, fishing friends should target cold resistant fish species such as crucian carp and carp. They will still eat and wrap their belly in the cold winter.


should choose the fishing position according to time, water and place. The so-called "according to time" refers to selecting the appropriate fishing time period. At different times of the day, the water surface is exposed to different light conditions and temperatures. Because the fish have thermotaxis and will gather in places with appropriate water temperature, fishing friends should choose fishing positions according to different light conditions in different time periods. Generally, in sunny days, the light is weak in the morning and evening. We should choose deep water with high temperature for fishing. At noon, the sun shines directly on the water surface, and the temperature in shallow water rises faster. Fish will come to look for food. At this time, we should choose shallow water with high temperature for fishing; In case of heavy fog, go to deep water for fishing before the fog disperses. After the fog disperses, you should choose shallow water and bright water area for fishing; When it is cloudy, you should choose deep water for fishing. The so-called "because of water" means that fishing friends should carefully observe the water surface. If the water surface where the fishing friends are located emits thick fog (such as water vapor), it is suitable for fishing for shallow water at this time; when you touch the water in the fishing field with your hand and detect a warm feeling, it is suitable for fishing for shallow water, otherwise you should fish for deep water. The so-called "local" It means that fishing friends should observe the terrain when choosing the fishing position. When fishing in winter, try to put out the rod in the leeward and sunny direction. In addition, bright water areas with many water plants or obstacles are also good fishing positions.

大雪钓鱼的技巧 需要注意哪些事情 you may be interested in: about the heavy snow in the second and fourteenth solar terms,

follows the seasonal common sense of fishing group matching "Soft pole, thin line, small hook" It is the main melody of the fishing group when fishing in winter. Take the fishing of crucian carp in the traditional fishing method as an example. The fishing rod is a stream rod with four or six tones or five or five tones, the fishing line is a nylon line of 0.3-0.6, the hook is a fine hook of 3-5, and the float is made of 2 and 3# hole finch feather with clear fish information and sensitive response. When fishing in winter, it is better to adjust the drift sensitively, and it is better to raise the drift and lower the drift, The gap between the eyes should not exceed 2.


should make full use of "amusing fishing" and "walking fishing". Fishing friends should take the initiative to find fish when fishing in winter, establish the thinking of "people looking for fish", and flexibly use "amusing fishing" and "walking fishing" Generally, there are two forms: one is to lift the fishing group gently with a rod, lift it about 10 cm, and then slowly put it down; the other is to drag the line group with a fishing rod in four different directions, drag it about 10 cm, and then put the rod to sink the hook and bait. "Go fishing" Fishing friends don't have to choose fishing positions, but they should make more fish nests within a certain range of the fishing ground and keep changing their nests for fishing. This is also what we often say about one pole and multiple nests fishing method. If there are fish in any nest, fish in any nest, and give up as soon as possible.


and 大雪钓鱼的技巧 需要注意哪些事情 you may be interested in: appreciate


about the poetry of the snowy solar term The preparation of fish bait should pay attention to the fishy smell. In winter, fish have low appetite for food. Only fishy food can attract their attention in a short time. Therefore, when fishing for crucian carp or carp, fishing friends must choose fishy commodity bait or fresh insect bait such as earthworms and red worms. In addition, the hook attachment, falling off and atomization of fish bait are good. When they encounter partial mouth fish or go fishing in intensive pond , we should consider using Yuantang granules to prepare fish bait.

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