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Why can't we go out at the winter solstice night? Why is it also called yiyangsheng

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winter solstice is not only a festival of sacrifice, but also a traditional festival, and the winter solstice is also one of the 24 solar terms. Why can't you go out at night? Why is the winter solstice also called yiyangsheng? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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why can't you go out at the night of the winter solstice? Folklore says that when Pangu opened the sky, the winter solstice is the time of all evils, and the night is the time of heavy Yin Qi. At this time, it's unlucky to go out at the night of the winter solstice in many places. The winter solstice is not only one of the 24 solar terms, but also an important sacrificial festival in China. Many places have the custom of offering sacrifices to their ancestors on the winter solstice, and the Yin Qi is heavier when offering sacrifices at the tomb on the winter solstice, so they usually go home early after offering sacrifices.

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the day is short and the night is long. The winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night in the northern hemisphere all year round. In ancient times, people didn't have night markets at night. Lights were bright. In ancient times, it was very inconvenient for people to go out at night, So people in ancient times would go home early before dark.


weather factors the arrival of the winter solstice marks the coldest time of the year. This time is often the peak of illness and cold, so it is better to go back early in the evening of the winter solstice. Moreover, it is safer to stay at home at night than to wander outside.

冬至晚上为什么不能出去 为何又称一阳生 you may be interested in: what are the proverbs about the winter solstice? Why is the winter solstice also called a sunny winter solstice? The sun shines directly on the Tropic of cancer, and the north of China gets the least sunshine. This day is the shortest day and the longest night! After the age of, the sun moves from the Tropic of cancer to the equator, and the days in northern China will become longer. Therefore, there is the saying that "the winter solstice produces a Yang". After the winter solstice, the Yang Qi picks up and opens a new cycle! Therefore, the winter solstice is said to be greater than years in rural areas, which has become the most important of the 24 solar terms, so it is also called "winter festival". Twelve divinatory symbols: Compound divinatory symbols, one Yang at the winter solstice. Mine Fu Gua is called the winter solstice yiyangsheng. Yi said: the first king and even the day closed, business travel is not good. From recovery to dryness, Yang Qi gradually increases, increases from bottom to top, and Yin Qi gradually decreases, indicating that Yang Qi gradually increases and Yin Qi gradually decreases. It is the process of Yang breath; From report to Kun, Yin Qi gradually increased, increased from bottom to top, and Yang Qi gradually decreased, indicating that Yin Qi gradually increased and Yang Qi gradually weakened. It is a negative elimination process.


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