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How did the ancients do what they couldn't do before and after the winter solstice

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winter solstice is not only a 24 solar terms, but also a traditional festival. People have many activities to welcome the arrival of the festival during the winter solstice. How did the ancients spend the winter solstice? What can't be done before and after the winter solstice? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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how did the ancients spend the winter solstice? He Dong meets his mentor, worships his relatives, finds an opportunity to get together and enhance friendship. The winter solstice custom of


killing new year pigs is still passed on. Every winter solstice, people will kill their own pigs, and then invite relatives and friends to dinner at home. The main content of the dish is pork, such as fried pig liver, braised blood, double cooked meat, braised meat, etc. Then they will smoke bacon, pickled bacon, fill sausage and so on to prepare for the Spring Festival.


offer sacrifices to ancestors. The winter solstice has been followed so far. Many cities have even opened special bus lines for sacrifices. The flow of people for sacrifices is as crowded as the Qingming Festival. More urban residents will choose to burn paper money at the side of the community and on the roadside to commemorate their ancestors.


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draw the 99 winter solstice. The most elegant and interesting thing is to draw the "99 winter solstice". It is said that it originated in the Ming Dynasty. From the day of the winter solstice, even if it is "entering 9", there are 9981 units in the 9 winter solstice, so it is called the "99 winter solstice" "From the winter solstice, draw a petal every day. Take nine days as a flower. Count nine nine days. By 99, there are 81 days. When the plum blossom is painted, the winter will pass. Pass the time in such a gentle way to alleviate the boredom of the cold winter."


" Marriage should not be done before or after the winter solstice. Marriage activities should not be carried out in the three days before and after the winter solstice, especially the day before and after the winter solstice. According to the folk saying, marriage is the top priority in life. At this time, we must choose a good wedding auspicious day to avoid the adverse days of marriage. The ancients regarded the beginning of spring, summer, autumn, winter and the spring equinox and autumn The day before the equinox, the summer solstice and the winter solstice was called the four absolute days and the four departure days by the ancients. At this time, the Qi field is in a state of chaos. If you choose to get married during the winter solstice, it is easy to affect the future luck of husband and wife.

It's not suitable to go out before and after the winter solstice. It's mainly said in two aspects: one is that you can't go back to your mother's house during the winter solstice. It's said that returning to your mother's house during the winter solstice is bad for your father-in-law. This custom is different in different places. If there is no local saying, we don't have to care. However, if some families care about this custom, as younger generations, we still care On the other hand, it means that people who are in the transportation period three days before the winter solstice should not go far. The so-called transportation period refers to the changing time of the Universiade. At this time, it is best to be in the most harmonious, stable and auspicious environment.

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It is not suitable to move during the winter solstice. On the one hand, it is because the arrival of the winter solstice marks the arrival of the coldest winter. From the perspective of moving Feng Shui, the cold atmosphere will destroy the prosperity of the family. On the other hand, it is the same as the previous reason why it is not suitable for marriage at the winter solstice. The day before the winter solstice is away. The ancients concluded that it is unlucky and not suitable for moving Marriage is such a big event. In addition, in moving Feng Shui, it is most taboo to encounter the evil side of moving. During the winter solstice, Tiankeng is in the northeast. If you don't know enough about this, you'd better choose another auspicious day to move.

According to the traditional concept, it is not suitable to have a room together for 10 days before and after the winter solstice. In ancient times, men and women were divided into Yang and Yin. Men return to Yang and women return to Yin. Only when men and women mate can they reproduce, but men and women pay attention to the balance of yin and Yang. Otherwise, the imbalance of yin and Yang is not conducive to the reproduction of future generations, and many evils will arise. In ancient times, there was "one Yang at the winter solstice" It means that the winter solstice is the weakest time of the year. At this time, sexual intercourse between men and women is easy to consume energy, and the words and deeds of pregnant children during the winter solstice may be surly and strange.

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