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The fate of the girl born in Lidong what should people do

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Lidong is the solar term of winter among the 24 solar terms, and winter is a relatively cold season. In addition to paying attention to the changes of weather, we will also pay attention to the fate of children born on this day. What is the fate of girls born on Lidong? What should people do at the beginning of winter? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

立冬出生的女孩子命运 人们要做哪些事情 you may be interested in: what's the difference between Lidong and the winter solstice? The fate of girls born in Lidong is snowy at the beginning of winter. Most of them are gentle, sincere, humble and polite. They are filial to their parents. If they marry them, they can not only keep the family in order, take care of their husband, teach their children and take care of their parents-in-law, He can manage his family well, and can also be loved by his parents in law, so that his husband can devote himself to his career wholeheartedly, so that he can make a prosperous family, have a wide range of financial resources, live a long and healthy life, and have a happy family. People born in the beginning of winter are more emotional in character. If they are women, they are more romantic. Because for Lidong, with the formal entry of winter, water began to enter a vigorous state. As for the five elements of water, its nature is soft. Therefore, for people born in and after the beginning of winter, their personality is emotional, and they are often hesitant, less decisive and soft hearted.

立冬出生的女孩子命运 人们要做哪些事情 you may be interested in: what month is the beginning of winter? Is 2019 and the winter solstice a day?

what do people do to sacrifice the winter God? Every time the beginning of winter solar term, the emperor will wear black clothes, ride a silver horse and bring all officials of culture and military to the altar to sacrifice the winter God. The name of winter God is Yu Qiang, with the word xuanming. According to the book of mountains and seas, he lives on an island in the North Sea. He looks strange: human face, bird body, two green snakes hanging on his ears and two flying red snakes with his feet. According to the records of the historian, in the Han Dynasty, 70 boys and girls sang the song of xuanming together: "xuanming mausoleum is overcast, and insects cover it... When Ji gathers, it covers Jiayi." it means that it is cold, so we should collect good food. harvesting in autumn and storing of grain in winter.


welcome winter in ancient times, a grand sacrificial ceremony was held every year at the beginning of winter, that is, the legendary welcome winter. It is recorded in Lv's spring and autumn · Meng Dong that "it is also the month that begins winter. On the first three days of winter, the emperor, the thirsty son of Taishi, said: 'one day, winter begins, and virtue is in the water.' the son of heaven is fasting. On the day of winter, the son of heaven personally led the three Duke and nine Qing officials to welcome winter in the northern suburbs. In addition, he rewarded death and sympathized with loneliness and widowhood." that day, the emperor led the three Duke and nine Qing officials to welcome winter six miles away in the northern suburbs. When he comes back, the emperor will give him a reward to stabilize the country and to comfort the orphans and widows.


and 立冬出生的女孩子命运 人们要做哪些事情 you may be interested in: how to explain the beginning of winter solar term? What is the emphasis on health preservation?


supplement winter? Beginning of winter has the tradition of supplementing winter. As the saying goes, "beginning of winter supplement winter, make up the empty mouth". It is said that after the beginning of the winter solar term, when the weather turns cold, people will prepare a lot of food for the whole family to enjoy. Most of these foods are nourishing foods such as mutton, chicken and duck. Eating at the beginning of the winter solar term can warm the body and supplement energy.


eat dumplings. The proverb goes, "at the beginning of winter, if you don't serve the dumpling bowl, you'll freeze your ears and nobody cares". Lidong eating dumplings originates from the saying of "Jiaozi time". Lidong is the day when autumn and winter intersect, and the Chinese New Year intersects at the age of two. Therefore, dumplings at the time of "Jiaozi" cannot be eaten. After the changes of the times, Lidong eating dumplings has become a food culture. When Lidong is mentioned, it will be immediately associated with dumplings.

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