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What are the traditional and folk customs of the spring equinox

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spring equinox is one of the 24 solar terms in spring. In spring, the weather warms up. In order to welcome the arrival of solar terms, there will be some custom activities. What are the traditional custom activities of spring equinox? What are the folk customs? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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vernal equinox traditional customs activities 1. Vertical egg on the vernal equinox every year, tens of millions of people around the world are doing "vertical egg" experiments. Choose a smooth and symmetrical fresh egg that has just been born for four or five days, and stand it up on the table with light hands and feet. Although there are many losers, there are also many winners. Spring is divided into the best time of the vertical egg game, so there is the saying "when the spring equinox comes, the eggs are pretty".

2. On the spring equinox, farmers have a holiday according to the custom. Each family has to eat Tang yuan, and cook more than ten or twenty or thirty Tang Yuan that don't need to be wrapped up. It is placed on the outdoor field edge ridge with a thin bamboo fork. It is called sticky sparrow mouth, so as not to damage the crops by sparrows.

3. The Spring Festival equinox is also the beginning of the Spring Festival festival. Spring Festival festival festival is also called Spring Festival festival festival. Before sweeping the tomb, a grand ancestor worship ceremony should be held in the ancestral hall. Kill pigs and sheep, ask drummers to play, and the ritual students to recite sacrifices and lead three gifts. At the beginning of tomb sweeping at the spring equinox, first sweep and sacrifice the tombs of kaijizu and distant ancestors. The whole family and the whole village have to go out on a large scale, and the team often reaches hundreds or even thousands of people. After the tombs of kaijizu and distant ancestors are swept, they are divided into rooms to sweep the tombs of their ancestors, and finally each family sweeps the private tombs of their families.

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4. Kite flying. The spring equinox is a good time for children to fly kites, and even adults should participate. In the gentle spring breeze, people run wantonly in the open space, competing to fly higher and farther than whose kite.

5. Drinking spring wine has the custom of making wine on the spring equinox in Zhejiang and Shanxi. It is recorded in ancient books that "wine is made and stored in a jar after the spring equinox. After three volts of dross, it is red in color and durable in taste. It is called the spring equinox wine."

6. The folk festivals before and after the spring equinox worship God have the birthday of the Kaizhang holy king on February 15: the Kaizhang holy king is also known as the "Chen holy king". He is Chen Yuanguang, a martial scholar of the Tang Dynasty. He made meritorious contributions to Zhangzhou and became the patron saint of Zhangzhou after his death. On February 19, Guanyin Bodhisattva's birthday, every birthday, believers go to Guanyin temples to worship. February 25th memorial day of the Three Mountain Kings: the Three Mountain Kings refer to the mountain gods of Dushan, Mingshan and Jinshan in Jieyang County, Chaozhou Prefecture, Guangdong Province. In the early years, Chaozhou Hakka immigrant spring was the patron saint, so the believers were mainly Hakka.

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7. Sacrificial day is the most important activity of the royal family on the spring equinox in ancient times. In the Zhou Dynasty, there was a sacrificial day ceremony at the spring equinox. The book of rites records that "offering sacrifices to the sun on the altar" and "saying the spring equinox", which have been passed down from generation to generation. According to Ji Sheng when the emperor was old, written by Pan rongbi of the Qing Dynasty, "offering sacrifices to the sun at the spring equinox and to the moon at the autumn equinox is a great ceremony of the country, and scholars and people are not allowed to worship them without authorization."

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