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What are the activities of Xiao Han's saying

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Xiaohan is the penultimate of the 24 solar terms. It is cold in Xiaohan, but people have many different activities in Xiaohan. What are Xiaohan's proverbs? What activities does Xiao Han have? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

小寒的俗语 有什么活动 you may be interested in: the crops of Xiaohan. Which crops are important to Xiaohan?

the common saying of Xiaohan is that Xiaohan is cold and cold. Little cold, big cold, ready for the new year. The cold is in March and September, and the heat is in the middle. La Qi La Ba, go out and freeze. La Qi La Ba, frozen duck. La Qi La Ba, frozen feet. Three nine, four nine, freeze broken mortar. Three nine, four nine, walk on the ice. There is heavy snow every year, not in March or April. No snow on March 9 and April 9, and drought on May 9 and June 9. The third white in the twelfth lunar month will harvest wheat next year. Every family has wheat in the third white of the twelfth lunar month.

小寒的俗语 有什么活动 you may be interested in: there are many thermal insulation measures for crops when the mild cold solar term comes.

is white in the third day of the twelfth lunar month, which is suitable for wheat dishes. The heavy snow in December is half a foot thick, and the wheat is not enough. Nine miles of snow and water melted a foot, and there was nowhere to put the wheat. Nine miles of snow is as hard as iron. In the third fog of the twelfth lunar month, the bottom of the river steps into a road. If the river is not closed on March 9, there will be more hail in the coming year. Little cold is better than great cold. It is common and not rare. Xiaohan Festival, 15 days, 78 days, 39 days. People are not cold in cold weather, change the old habit of leisure in winter. Work hard in the morning and night, and freeze it nine feet and nine feet. I'm not afraid of not having enough at home, I'm afraid I won't find it. Plant ash is accumulated alone, which makes the ground strong and increases production. Dry ash feed, double.

小寒的俗语 有什么活动 you may be interested in: beware of five kinds of disasters for crops in the mild cold solar term

planting mulberry in the twelfth lunar month. Wheat seedlings were gnawed and the yield was damaged. Avoid livestock gnawing green, and seriously set rewards and punishments. Cattle feed three nine, horses feed three volts. Potato cellars and livestock sheds are tightly blocked to prevent freezing. The key to laying eggs on a cold day is to keep the chicken house warm.


what activities does Xiaohan have? When Xiaohan comes, it is completely into the atmosphere of the new year. Many people will choose to eat a lot of Laba porridge on this day to supplement the nutrition that the body does not normally supplement. Nut food is also a must for Xiaohan. Laba eats such rich hot porridge before and after the Xiaohan solar term, which can not only stimulate appetite, but also increase body heat and warm the stomach and eliminate cold.


eat glutinous rice. It is common to eat glutinous rice in the gourmet capital of Guangzhou. It is a tradition to eat glutinous rice during festivals. Moreover, at the end of the new year, most areas still choose to cook glutinous rice. In Guangzhou tradition, Xiaohan eats glutinous rice in the morning. In order to avoid being too glutinous, it is usually 60% glutinous rice and 40% fragrant rice. Cut up bacon and sausage, Stir fry the peanuts, add some chopped scallion, and mix them in the rice.


welcome the new year to Xiaohan, which indicates that they have completely entered the atmosphere of the new year. Many people begin to buy new year goods and prepare a large number of new year food, which is also a completely relaxed state. Many people cut window flowers, go to the market to buy new year pictures, colored lights, firecrackers, incense, etc., and prepare for the Spring Festival one after another. In terms of diet, instant boiled mutton hot pot, eating sugar and fried chestnuts and baking sweet potatoes have become a fashion for Xiaohan.


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