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What are the causes and precautions of the great cold

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great cold is one of the 24 solar terms, but we don't know what kind of solar term great cold is. Let's learn about great cold today! So what is the origin of the great cold? What are the precautions for the severe cold? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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the origin of the great cold is the last of the twenty-four solar terms. It is "great cold" when the sun reaches 300 ° of the Yellow meridian around January 20 every year. Great cold means that the weather is extremely cold. According to the three rites and righteousness sect quoted in the general examination of timing · Tianshi: "the severe cold is the severe cold in the middle, which is shaped in the slight cold, so it is called great... The reverse pole of the cold is called severe cold." at this time, the cold wave moves South frequently, which is a cold period in most parts of China in a year. The wind is strong, the temperature is low, and the snow does not melt, showing a severe cold scene of ice, snow and cold. In ancient China, the great cold was divided into three periods: "one is chicken milk; the second is bird disease; the third is water and strong abdomen." that is, when it comes to the solar term of the great cold, you can hatch chickens; However, birds like hawks and falcons are in a state of strong predation ability. They hover in the air looking for food everywhere to supplement their body energy and resist the cold; In the last five days of the year, the ice in the water is frozen to the middle of the water, and it is the strongest and thickest. The cold atmospheric circulation is stable, and the circulation adjustment cycle is about 20 days. During such circulation adjustment, there are often large-scale rain and snow weather and strong wind cooling. When there is a long wave ridge west of 80 degrees east longitude and a large coastal trough in East Asia, China will experience sustained low temperature under the control of northwest wind flow and the influence of continuously replenishing cold air.


and 大寒的由来 注意事项是哪些 you may be interested in: what are the customs of welcoming the new year in the great cold in ancient times? The main thing of


is to go to bed early and get up late. The "great cold" is the last solar term in winter. In terms of daily life, we should still comply with the characteristics of closed Tibet in winter, so as to go to bed early and get up late. Going to bed early is to nourish the Yang Qi of the human body, and getting up late is to nourish the Yin Qi. On the other hand, there is an old saying that "it is very cold and windproof to keep out the cold". In addition to paying attention to cold prevention in the cold season, it is also necessary to keep out the wind. Clothes should increase or decrease with the change of temperature, and attention should be paid to keeping warm.


avoid cold radiation. In the cold solar terms, we should prevent the harm of cold radiation to the body. The specific measure is to stay away from supercooled walls and other objects, and sleep at least 50 cm away from the wall. If the temperature difference between the wall and the room is more than 5 degrees, the walls often appear damp or even small beads. At this time, wood or foam plastics can be placed in front of the walls to block and lighten the negative radiation so as to protect the body from the damage caused by negative radiation.

大寒的由来 注意事项是哪些 you may be interested in: today is different from the old cold or small cold.

wash your feet before going to bed in the cold season. In addition to going to bed early and getting up late to prevent cold and wind, you'd better develop the good habit of washing your feet before going to bed. Soaking feet with hot water before going to sleep can dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, improve skin and tissue nutrition of feet, reduce muscle tension and improve sleep quality. It is beneficial to the prevention of frozen feet and disease prevention and health care, especially those who love reading and writing at night and sit long into the night. Before going to bed, they should soak their feet with hot water.


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