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What are the characteristics of the light snow solar term? What do the three seasons mean

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light snow is one of the 24 solar terms. During light snow, people will prepare some custom activities to welcome the arrival of solar terms. What are the characteristics of light snow solar terms? What does light snow mean? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!


and 小雪节气有什么特点 三候是什么意思 you may be interested in: what is the meaning of light snow? What should we pay attention to? What are the characteristics of


light snow solar terms? Cold air goes south and cools greatly. During the light snow solar term, the circulation in East Asia will be relatively stable, there will be low pressure or low trough in Siberia, and cold air goes south when moving eastward, There will be gale cooling weather in the east of China. The light snow solar term is the solar term with higher cold wave and strong cold air. If there is strong cold air, there will be the first snowfall in winter.

light snow begins to fall in North China. The south is about to enter winter. The temperature at the light snow solar term is lower than that at the beginning of winter. There will be snow in North China. The cold air slowly reduces the temperature in most parts of the north to below zero. However, although there is snow, the amount of snow is generally small, and it is frozen at night and turned into day. If the warm and humid air flow is more active, The cold air is strong, and there may be heavy snow.

小雪节气有什么特点 三候是什么意思 you may be interested in: how is the light snow solar term? What are the fishing skills? What is the meaning of

light snow is conducive to the progress of agricultural activities? We all know that there is a common saying that light snow is all over the sky, and the next year will be a good year, which means that when light snow comes, the rain will be more uniform next year. Generally, there will be no major drought or flood, In addition, snow will also kill germs and pests, reduce people's morbidity and reduce diseases and pests next year. In addition, it also has the function of keeping warm, decomposing organic matter for the soil and enhancing soil fertility.

小雪节气有什么特点 三候是什么意思 you may be interested in: what is the meaning of the light snow solar term? What are the first solar terms in winter? What is the meaning of

three periods of light snow: the first period is when the rainbow is gone, the second period is when the sky is falling, and the third period is when it is blocked into winter, which means that due to the decrease of temperature, there is more snow in the north, so it will no longer rain, The rain rainbow is invisible; In addition, due to the rise of Yang Qi in the sky and the decline of Yin Qi in the underground, yin and Yang do not intersect and heaven and earth are not connected; Therefore, heaven and earth are closed and turn into cold winter. China has a vast territory, "light snow" typically reflects the climate of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. At this time, the North has entered the freezing season. "The lotus has no rain cover, and the chrysanthemum residue still has proud frost branches". At this time, it is a scene of early winter. In general, the weather during the "light snow" period presents the following two climatic characteristics: the temperature continues to fall.


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