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What does Lidong mean? The moral of eating Tangyuan

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in the 24 solar terms, the solar term after frost fall is the beginning of winter, and frost fall is the last solar term in autumn. Autumn is a season from heat to cold. What does the beginning of winter mean? What is the meaning of Lidong eating dumplings? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

立冬是什么意思啊 吃汤圆的寓意 you may be interested in: what time is the beginning of winter in 2019? What is the climate characteristic of

beginning of winter? Beginning of winter is one of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar and one of the traditional Chinese festivals; The time point is between November 7 and 8 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, the sun is at 225 ° of the Yellow meridian. At this time, the earth is located at - 16 ° 19 ', and the noon sun height in Beijing is only 33 ° 47'. After the beginning of winter, the sunshine time will continue to shorten and the noon sun height will continue to decrease. Chinese people begin winter with the beginning of winter. During the beginning of winter, there is a food custom that needs tonic to survive the severe winter. Li, Jianshi also means that winter has begun since then. Winter means the end. It means to collect crops after harvest. China takes the beginning of winter as the beginning of winter. In the beginning of winter, the upper westerly jet has been fully established in southern Asia. At this time, the intensity and eastward movement of the South Branch of the upper westerly wind have a great impact on the precipitation weather in the Jianghuai area. When the zonal circulation in the Asian region and the fluctuation of the South Branch of the west wind is strong, a wide range of cloudy and rainy weather will occur. In addition, the end of zonal circulation and meridional circulation will also be established, with cold wave and significant cooling.

立冬是什么意思啊 吃汤圆的寓意 you may be interested in: the reasons for health preservation at the beginning of winter and the principle of diet health preservation and tonic

before and after the beginning of winter, the precipitation in most parts of China decreased significantly. The land in northern China is frozen, and agricultural and forestry crops have entered the overwintering period. The "three autumn" in China's Jianghuai region is coming to an end. South China needs to rush to plant late winter wheat and quickly transplant rape. South China is the best time to plant wheat. In addition, after the beginning of winter, the air is generally getting drier and the soil contains less water. At this time, China began to pay attention to fire prevention in forest areas.


the implication of eating Tangyuan at Lidong is that Lidong eats Tangyuan, which means Tuan Tuan Yuan. Lidong has many benefits. Lidong is the beginning of winter. The temperature in winter is cold, Yin flourishes and Yang declines. Tangyuan with sufficient heat can ensure sufficient energy supply for the human body. Lard meat balls in the South and sugar Lantern Festival in the north are full of carbohydrates and energy. Take a bite to warm up for half a day. Glutinous rice is also a good food in winter. Nutritionists have also proved the benefits of glutinous rice in autumn and winter. Glutinous rice contains nutrients such as protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B2. It is a good food for us to nourish and keep healthy. The compendium of Materia Medica points out that glutinous rice is a valley for tonifying the spleen and stomach and benefiting lung qi. Glutinous rice is sweet in taste and warm in nature. After eating, it can nourish the blood and Qi of the human body and nourish the spleen and stomach.

立冬是什么意思啊 吃汤圆的寓意 you may be interested in: which season is the beginning of winter? What are the solar terms and precautions? The materials commonly used for making dumplings, such as glutinous rice, sesame, red beans, etc., are also warm and have a good spleen strengthening effect. The spleen and stomach are healthy, and dietary nutrition will be absorbed and utilized by the body to improve the cold resistance and disease prevention ability of the body. It is most suitable for consumption in winter. In fact, tonic in winter should follow the principle of "tonic in deficiency and warm in cold". It is not suitable to eat too hot and dry tonic. Eat some foods that nourish yin and Yang, such as beef and mutton, black chicken, longan, red dates, yam, pig blood, glutinous rice and other warm foods to resist the cold and nourish yin and Yang.

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