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A poem describing heavy snow in an ancient poem on the solar term of heavy snow

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heavy snow is one of the 24 solar terms. In the continuous development and evolution, many cultures have been formed. What are the ancient poems of heavy snow solar terms? What are the poems about heavy snow? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

大雪节气1 you may be interested in: what are the characteristics of heavy snow solar terms

ancient poetry of heavy snow solar terms 1. Northern scenery, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow—— Spring snow in Qinyuan 2. Suddenly, like the spring breeze of the night, thousands of pear trees bloom—— CEN Shen's song of white snow 3. Thousands of miles of yellow clouds are twilight, and the north wind blows wild geese and snow one after another—— Gao Shi's farewell to Dong Da 4. Snow White dislikes late spring, so he wears court trees as flying flowers—— Han Yu's spring snow 5. It's getting late. The snow is dancing, half plum blossoms and half catkins—— Ma Zhiyuan's song of Shouyang · sunset snow on the river 6. The snowflakes in Yanshan are as big as a banquet, and pieces of them blow down the Xuanyuan platform—— Tang Li Bai's the wind in the north 7. I'm surprised that the pillow is cold and the window is bright again. The snow is heavy at night, and the sound of bamboo folding is heard——

大雪节气4 in "snow at night" by Tang Bai Juyi may be of interest to you: an introduction to the heavy snow of the twenty-four solar terms

8. At dusk, Cangshan is far away, the sky is cold and the house is poor. The wood gate hears the barking of dogs and returns at night in the wind and snow—— The owner of Furong mountain sleeps in the snow by Tang · Liu Changqing 9. The new wind blows the snow thousands of miles, and Su Su purrs the window paper at the third watch. At first, it was suspected that the goddess of heaven would scatter flowers, and then it was feared that Magu would throw rice. - Lu You's snow song at night 10. The snow pressed the green pines, and the green pines were straight and straight—— Chen Yi's green pines 11. The window contains thousands of autumn snow in the Xiling, and the door parks the boat of Wu Wanli in the East—— Tang Du Fu's quatrains 12. Smoke is falling. It's snowing. Snow piled on the plum blossom branches—— Wu Shuji's "everlasting longing for each other" 13. Lu Meipo's snow plum · the second 14. I want to cross the Yellow River and fill the river with ice. I will climb the Taihang mountain covered with snow——


and 大雪节气5 in Li Bai's difficult journey: you may be interested in: what is the fate of the child born in the snow solar term


15. You can know from a distance that you can listen to the rain in front of the lamp and look at the mountains behind the snow—— Nalan Xingde's "Yu Zhonghao · sending Liang fennan to a small shadow" 16. There is a beautiful moon outside the crystal curtain, and the upper layer of pear branches is covered with snow—— Yang Ji's Bodhisattva man · the beautiful moon outside the crystal curtain 17. When the door opens in the morning, the snow is all over the mountain, the snow is clear, the clouds are light, and the sun is cold—— Zheng Xie after snow in the mountains 18. Wind and rain send spring home, and flying snow welcomes spring—— "Bu operator · chanting plum" 19. The window is brighter when the lamp blows, the moon shines and the snow falls all day—— Yuan Mei's the night of December 15 19. It snows one after another at dusk, and the wind pulls the red flag, which can't be turned over—— CEN Shen sends judge Wu back to Beijing with a white snow song 20. There are few pedestrians at dusk, and the wind and snow are deep in the mountain—— Recommendation of relevant articles


in Kong pingzhong's "send in · try to talk about the scenery on the way": what are the customs about heavy snow? What are the proverbs about heavy snow solar terms? Appreciate the hand copy of heavy snow solar terms. Appreciate what traditional food heavy snow eats to keep out the cold and moisten the dryness. Food recommendation of heavy snow solar terms

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