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The boy born in the snowy solar term means three times

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heavy snow is one of the 24 solar terms. People attach great importance to keeping warm and keeping healthy during heavy snow. What about the boy born in heavy snow? What does "three seasons of heavy snow" mean? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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heavy snow solar term for boys born, usually on December 7 or 8 every year. When the sun yellow longitude reaches 255 degrees, it is one of the 24 solar terms "heavy snow". Heavy snow, as the name suggests, heavy snow. The ancients said, "the big one is prosperous, and the snow is prosperous at this point.". At this time, snow often falls in a large and wide range. Heavy snow is the end of January and the beginning of the next month. At this time, the lowest temperature in most parts of China fell to zero or below. Heavy snow or even Blizzard often falls in areas where cold and warm air meet in front of strong cold air. In this cold weather, people born in heavy snow solar terms belong to fire loving life according to the "theory of happy life". Usually from November 7 to January 4 of the Gregorian calendar; That is, Hai and ziyue in the lunar calendar; That is, people born during the beginning of winter and heavy snow are fire lovers.


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. These people emphasize speed and do things quickly. They are a happy school loved by everyone. Some people say they have a tiger head and a snake tail. In fact, they are really wise as fools. They look rough but have a heart. Therefore, they often gain a lot in love and contacts. These people are willing to be with ximuman people because they can help ximuman people face difficulties, and ximuman people can remind them of more rigorous thinking. It can be said that they are brothers and sisters who help and learn from each other. People born in heavy snow have a fatal weakness, that is, they are too straightforward, so they are easy to offend people, so they will make enemies inadvertently, and are easy to be hurt by hidden arrows hiding in the dark. Most people born in heavy snow have suitors, but they are easy to be confused by each other. They should carefully choose the other half in order to have an ideal emotional life. These people should pay attention to the maintenance of the heart system.

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three periods of heavy snow. The heavy snow season is divided into three periods: "first, the babbler [h é] babbler [D à n] does not sing; second, the tiger begins to pay; third, the litchi sticks out." first, the babbler does not sing: the cuckoo is a bird. It means that in this season, the weather is cold, birds and animals are absent, and even the cold trumpet bird stopped calling. Second, the tiger began to pay: the ancients believed that this was the peak period of Yin Qi, which flourished and declined, and Yang Qi had sprouted, so the tiger began to seek a mate. Three seasons of litchi sprouting: in the middle of winter and snow season, everything is silent. A kind of orchid called litchi sprouts and sprouts new buds when it feels the sprouting of Yang Qi. At this time, it grows on the ground alone.


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