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Spring Festival custom activities and folk traditional customs

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means the arrival of spring, and many customs and activities have evolved in the formation and development of spring. What are the customs and activities of spring? What are the traditional folk customs at the beginning of spring? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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spring custom activities 1. Jumang God has a long history of commemorating activities on the day of "spring", which appeared at least 3000 years ago. At that time, Jumang, also known as mang God, was the spring God in charge of farming. Jumang is the God of spring, that is, the God of vegetation and the God of life. The image of Jumang is human face and bird body, obeying rules and governing spring affairs. In the Zhou Dynasty, the east hall was set up to welcome the spring, which shows that the sacrificial sentence has a long history.

2. Whip spring cattle, also known as whip native cattle, originated earlier and has been preserved since then. Shandong folk want to break the native cattle. People compete for the spring cattle soil, which is called robbing the spring. It is auspicious to grab the cow head. In addition, there are activities of picking tea and sacrificing spring cattle, and turtle spring primrose activities are also held in Hubei.

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3. When biting spring, you have your own food, mainly spring cakes, radishes, five spice plates, etc. every spring world, there are many vendors selling spring rolls in the market. There are two points worth noting here: first, in the past, it was thought that biting spring was eating turnips, but in fact, it also included eating spring cakes; Second, the so-called spring is the meaning of welcoming spring. Why eat carrots? The more common saying is that it can solve spring difficulties.

4. Ancestor worship in many areas, ancestor worship is necessary at the beginning of spring. For example, according to the records of Xin'an County in Guangdong Province, "people have something to do at the ancestral temple on this day. The food dedicated to their ancestors at the beginning of spring is also special. The records of Ruyang County in Henan Province contain: setting up spring banquet, eating spring cakes, recommending divination and pears." the Linying county records call the sacrifice of beginning of spring as biting spring.

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once in a few years. 5. Hiding spring in traditional folklore, it is time to hide spring on the beginning of spring. Because the climate begins to change on the day of the beginning of spring, the new atmosphere will have an adverse impact on some people, and even affect the luck of the year, so the custom of hiding from spring appears. As for the customs left by the tradition, there can be no quarrel on the day of the beginning of spring. We must greet this day in harmony and peace. In some local customs, hiding in spring is not suitable for relocation, visiting seriously ill patients and participating in funerals, so as not to provoke bad luck and affect the luck of the whole year.

6. Worship Taisui. China has the custom of welcoming Taisui. Imagine Taisui as a God on duty. Welcoming Taisui can be safe and rich. As a traditional custom, the activity of "worship Tai Sui" is very popular in Beijing, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places in China, as well as Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore.

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