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Things to pay attention to the four principles of health preservation at the spring equinox

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regimen has different ways and methods in different seasons and different periods, but the purpose is the same. What are the four principles of health preservation at the spring equinox? What are the things that need attention? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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the four principles of health preservation at the spring equinox: Yin and Yang complement each other. Food has five attributes: cold, hot, warm, cool and flat. For example, when cooking cold food such as fish, shrimp and crab, it is necessary to add warm seasonings such as onion, ginger, wine and vinegar to prevent cold dishes; Another example is to eat leek, garlic, papaya and other dishes, coupled with eggs and other Yin nourishing ingredients to achieve the purpose of complementary Yin and Yang.

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eat more seasonal vegetables. There are seasonal vegetables growing in accordance with their climatic conditions in each season, which have the essence of heaven and earth and high nutritional value. Eating leeks with Yang nourishing effect can enhance the Qi of the spleen and stomach of the human body; Bean sprouts, bean sprouts, lettuce and other ingredients help activate the body's growth function; The consumption of mulberry, cherry, strawberry and other nutritious late spring fruits can moisten the lungs, generate fluid, nourish the liver. Of course, in addition to paying attention to diet, the key to health preservation is to improve their own immunity. Keep a relaxed, cheerful and optimistic mental state in mind. In daily life, we should adhere to appropriate exercise and maintain normal sleep time. Pay attention to supplement water and electrolytes to promote blood system circulation, help maintain body balance and achieve the best effect of health preservation. The weather condition of the spring equinox is unstable, and the temperature in the morning and evening is low. For the "sub-healthy people" who have been working under high intensity and high pressure for a long time, we should pay attention to prevent possible "disease free" in the future. If you try to avoid crowded places, you can use the living environment for simple fitness exercises.


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to eat sour and sweet to raise your temper. It is reported that there are many popular folk diets about spring, and traditional Chinese medicine also pays much attention to it, commonly known as "spring". Experts suggest that in this season, you can eat more sweet foods that nourish the spleen such as red dates, as well as honey, leek and spinach, and eat less sour and spicy food. In addition, nut foods such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds and peach kernels should be supplemented at least 3 times a week to help refresh, remove dryness and itch. In the daily lunch, it is also suitable to supplement stewed foods, such as carrot spare ribs soup and ginkgo black chicken soup, which can not only supplement the water required by the human body in the seasonal transition, but also increase the intake of protein, which helps to enhance the human body's resistance.


pay attention to nourishing the liver. The traditional Chinese medicine theory holds that spring should be in the liver, summer should be in the heart, long summer should be in the spleen, autumn should be in the lung and winter should be in the kidney. Spring is the season of high incidence of liver diseases. We need to pay attention to nourishing the liver and coordinating the balance of yin and Yang of the liver. Sweet food can tonify the liver and kidney, such as wolfberry, walnut, peanut, jujube, longan, etc. Alcohol will hurt the liver, and it is not suitable to drink in spring. Making chrysanthemum tea and mint water can remove liver heat, or drinking electrolyte rich drinks, such as baominer's water, is also a good drink in spring.

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