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Lidong wechat blessing 2019 circle of friends warm heart message

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Lidong means the beginning of winter, and the weather in winter is very cold, but it is necessary to send warm blessings to family and friends around. What are Lidong's wechat blessings? What are the warm messages from Lidong's circle of friends? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

立冬微信祝福2019 朋友圈暖心寄语 you may be interested in: what is the difference between the beginning of winter and the early rain of the winter solstice?

Lidong wechat blessing 2019 1. The beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, and the east wind is whistling and praying: float a winter snow and cage a blessing; The cold dew on the ground covers the gospel of life; Knot a river of cold ice, lock a season of good luck. Send a message, wish you good health and good luck in the beginning of winter! 2. At the beginning of winter, there is a concern for you; Bring a caring, warm you; Convey a friendship and moisten you; Send a greeting and kiss you: May you be well at the beginning of winter and always smile! 3. Familiar figures stand in the cold wind, and the warmth of the past is cherished in the memories; Light and shadow through their own journey, busy looking forward to a long farewell reunion; Miss the beautiful scenery while waiting, and yearn for eternal friendship in the bottom of my heart. At the beginning of winter, friends cherish it. 4. Snow trees and silver flowers are gorgeous in your dream, crystal clear in your world, make up your sky with powder and jade, and decorate your soul with silver and plain. May you be happy in this snowy season, happy in this beautiful season and happy in the beginning of winter. 5. The wind is shaking, the water is boundless, the sky turns cold at the beginning of winter, and care about friends like clothes. Life is always in a hurry. Cherish your body and take care of it. I wish happiness more lasting and happiness forever in my heart. Happy Lidong!

立冬微信祝福2019 朋友圈暖心寄语 you may be interested in: what do people do at the beginning of winter? How do you explain

6. The beginning of winter is coming today. SMS shows concern. A scarf is sent to you to surround you with warm good luck; Send another pair of gloves to keep warm and won't catch a cold; Thickened down cotton padded jacket, a winter disease does not disturb, with a text message, I wish you good luck! 7. Sound and sound blessings, please send them to me by the breeze, miss them continuously, and send them to me by the running water. Although busy and unable to get together often, I still haven't forgotten you. I wish you a happy beginning of winter and take care of your body! 8. In the twinkling of an eye, autumn has passed and winter has come. The temperature dropped sharply and the cold hit my heart. Adding clothes is the first, followed by warm pot company. Turn on the cold air conditioner and hold the warm one. Finally, take advantage of the heat to send warm blessings: happy beginning of winter! 9. Pull the lead of smile and send Ruyi to you; Spread eternal thoughts and weave happiness into a beautiful flower basket; Fly the sails of missing and gather the sunset into a happy cry; May every bit of your life be sweet and beautiful in every minute of the years. Happy Lidong. 10. I send you happiness. May you have no worries. Please collect it; I send you peace. I wish you nothing. Please collect it; I send you health, wish you painless, please collect; I send my blessing to you. May you like it. Please collect: happy beginning of winter!


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11. When the temperature drops in winter, care and blessings surround you. Don't forget to add clothes and quilts in winter, keep warm and healthy, drink more hot water and exercise, go to bed early and get up early. You have a good spirit. Send messages at the beginning of winter to wish you good health and all the best. 12. Send off the golden autumn, usher in the purity of winter, and the beginning of winter. May your winter be happy; Catch up with the green of spring and feel the purity of winter. May your winter harvest again and again. 13. Cold dew and frost spread all over the ground. It's hard to hide my mellow affection. A concern sends green silk, a little heart into the heart pool, and a wisp of care everywhere. A short message is warm as honey, carrying happy memories, with happy delicacy, with missing beauty, wrapped in the coat of good luck, and flies to your heart. Happy Lidong. 14. At the beginning of winter, it turns cold, SMS blessing to convey the truth; Cold wind howls, snowflakes float, increase clothes to keep warm and prevent colds; More exercise, may Jun'an, longevity and health live for a hundred years; True feelings, love transmission, and cherish each other for a long time; I wish you a beautiful and healthy winter. 15. At the beginning of winter, a greeting sends warmth, a blessing keeps you warm, a love asks you to keep you warm, and a text message sends you warm; A kind of Acacia warms your heart, and a concern warms your heart. When it's cold, pay attention to your body!


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