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The poem describing light snow is an ancient poem about snow

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Xiaoxue has left many cultures in the continuous evolution and development, including many poems. What are the poems describing Xiaoxue? What are the ancient poems about light snow? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

描写小雪的诗句 下雪的古诗 you may be interested in: what is the meaning of the light snow solar term

the poem describing light snow 1. The new wind is like understanding the meaning and is easy to destroy—— Cui Daorong's plum blossom 2. There are several plum blossoms in the corner, and Ling Han drives alone—— Wang Anshi's plum blossom · plum blossom 3. It's snowy to come late. You can drink a cup of tea without drinking—— Bai Juyi's "ask Liu 19" 4. Plum blossom hair several times in the south of the Yangtze River. People have spots on their temples at the end of the world—— Liu's partridge day · snow shines on the mountain and jade refers to the cold 5. Thousands of birds fly away, and thousands of people disappear—— Liu Zongyuan's "snow on the river" 6. He was dressed in the snow forest. Different peaches and plums mixed with fragrant dust—— Wang Mian's white plum 7. At dusk, Cangshan is far away, and the sky is cold and the White House is poor——


and 描写小雪的诗句 下雪的古诗 in the master of Furong mountain in every snow by Liu Changqing may be of interest to you: appreciate the poetry of solar term Xiaoxue


8. Go fishing alone in the cold river snow—— Liu Zongyuan's River Snow 9. Snow covers the heavy door one after another. People don't break their souls and lose Jiang Meiyun—— Guan Hanqing's song of virtue · winter 10. The window contains thousands of autumn snow in the Xiling, and the door parks the boat of east Wu Wanli—— Du Fu's quatrains 11. You can't see the king in the mountain circuit, and there are horses walking over the snow—— CEN Shen sends judge Wu back to Beijing with a white snow song 12. There is a slanting bamboo outside, thinking of a beautiful woman. It's cold and dusk—— Cao group's plum blossom in sudden mountains and streams 13. The snow pressed the green pines, and the green pines were straight and straight—— Green pines by Chen Yi 14. The southern end of the mountain is beautiful, with snow floating in the clouds——

描写小雪的诗句 下雪的古诗 in Zu Yong's "looking at the remaining snow in the South" may be of interest to you: light snow is coming. A complete collection of proverbs about light snow

15. It's getting late, the snow is dancing, half plum blossoms and half catkins are floating—— Ma Zhiyuan's song of Shouyang · sunset snow on the river 16. The falling plum trees are as chaotic as snow, and the whole body is still full—— Li Yu's "Qing Ping Le · don't come to spring and a half" 17. The snow pressed the green pines. The green pines were straight and straight—— Chen Yi's green pine 18. I don't know the flowers near the water are the first to start. It's suspected that they have not been sold through winter snow—— Zhang Wei's "early plum" 19. Mei Xue's contention for spring was not willing to fall, and the poet ended his review chapter—— Lu Meipo's snow plum · its first 20. I know from a distance that I listen to the rain in front of the lamp and look at the mountain behind the snow—— Nalan Xingde's "Yu Zhonghao · sending Liang fennan to the title of a small shadow" 21. After the snow at the beginning of the night, shepherd's purse and wheat are looking forward—— Jiang Kui's


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