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Where is the direct sun in the winter solstice? The meaning of ancestor worship

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winter solstice is a traditional festival and a festival of sacrifice. During the winter solstice, it is always the custom to eat dumplings in the South and dumplings in the north. So where is the direct sunlight on the winter solstice? What is the meaning of offering sacrifices to ancestors in the winter solstice? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

冬至太阳直射在哪里 祭祖的含义 you may be interested in: what should be paid attention to about the origin of the winter solstice

where is the direct sunlight at the winter solstice: the direct sunlight point of the Tropic of cancer is the place where the solar light incident angle (i.e. the solar altitude angle) on the earth's surface is 90 degrees. It is the intersection of the line between the earth's center and the sun's center and the earth's sphere. The local time of the meridian where the direct point of the sun is located is 12 noon. During the winter solstice, the direct point of the sun is the Tropic of cancer (23 degrees and 26 minutes south latitude). After that, it moved north and returned to the equator on March 21 (the spring equinox).

冬至太阳直射在哪里 祭祖的含义 you may be interested in: what are the folk activities of the winter solstice customs? The meaning of

the winter solstice ancestor worship custom has been recorded in Cui Shi's four people's monthly order of the Eastern Han Dynasty, saying that people should recommend millet sheep to xuanming and Zu you. The records of ancestor worship at the winter solstice were more common in the Song Dynasty. Tokyo dreamland tells us that the winter solstice is the most important festival in the capital. So far, it is easier to dress up, prepare meals and worship our ancestors. The old stories of Wulin said that wonton was the first to enjoy. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, ancestor worship prevailed in the winter solstice. According to the Jiangyin county annals of Jiajing, the ancestral images of the festival Dynasty are hung in the nave, and the ceremonies are held according to the new year's day. In the southern region where the clan system is prosperous, ancestral worship is often carried out in ancestral halls. The Nankang county annals of Jiajing Jiangxi Province: "the winter solstice worship precedes the ancestral temple, and the tomb worship is like the Qingming Festival." the custom of sacrificing the ancestors of the winter solstice is popular in Fujian Province, such as the Jianyang county annals of Wanli "It's a ritual for Japanese families to offer sacrifices to their ancestors." Fujian's ancestor worship uses specially made rice balls. The Qing people usually worship their ancestors at home, in tombs, and in the south where they live together. They often worship their ancestors in family temples like the Qingming and Zhongyuan dynasties.

冬至太阳直射在哪里 祭祖的含义 you may be interested in: what is the fate of the people born at the winter solstice

The purpose of visiting tombs is to mourn and cherish the memory of old friends. There are no too many restrictions on time. Moreover, the winter solstice is a festival of the revival of the sun and the renewal of everything. Just like life, life is the beginning of death, and death is the beginning of life. So we don't care about time. However, I suggest that you don't go to the cemetery too early or too late. At the winter solstice, the dawn is late, too late The sun falls early in the day. The period from 9 a.m. to 15 p.m. is a period of vigorous Yang, which will strengthen their own Yang. If women are in the physiological period, they'd better not go to the grave. Even if there is no taboo, don't overwork.

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