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What Xiaohan must do and pay attention to for health preservation

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Xiaohan is a relatively cold solar term. During Xiaohan, people put on warm clothes and pay attention to health preservation. What must Xiaohan do for health preservation? What are the reasons for attention? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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what Xiaohan must do for health preservation? Drink more boiled water. In winter, the climate is relatively dry, and the body is very prone to water shortage, especially the office workers sitting in the air-conditioned room who blow the air conditioner every day. They often drink boiled water, It can not only ensure the needs of our body, but also play the role of diuresis and detoxification, but also detoxification.


often carry out outdoor activities to hide in winter. It is not that they hide in the house in winter, so it is very necessary to remove outdoor activities. If they often nest in the house, they are more likely to get sick. Outdoor activities can also promote the generation of heat, effectively regulate the function of metabolism, and enhance the excitement of cerebral cortex and temperature regulation. It is best to exercise your muscles and bones properly and sweat in winter. However, exercise should also be differentiated according to individual physique and age. If people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should stop playing ball or mountain climbing and other violent sports. For people with respiratory diseases, such as patients with chronic bronchitis, emphysema and cor pulmonale, exercise should be in the morning and afternoon when the sun is sufficient to avoid cold stimulation, Prevention and treatment of induced diseases. The elderly should also pay attention to keeping warm when doing exercise, and avoid getting up early for exercise, so as to prevent stroke induced by insufficient blood supply to the brain.

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to avoid psychological flu. Winter is a season without vitality. However, people are also very lazy, everything has no vitality, and it is easier to fall into depression in winter. Many people often feel no spirit when they are cold, and they will be irritable and feel great pressure. This is a symptom of winter depression, commonly known as winter psychological flu, which is a common psychological disorder. Therefore, the colder the weather, the happier you want to be. The best way is to choose some sports activities with different intensity, such as jogging, skating, dancing and playing ball, according to your health. These are good medicine to eliminate the boring spirit of recuperation.

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small cold should pay attention to nourishing the kidney. Winter belongs to the season of closed Tibet. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, winter is the time to nourish the kidney. It can be said that it is best to nourish the kidney in small cold season. By tonifying and nourishing the kidney in winter, we can make the kidney essence more filling, and also make the body better and less sick next year. This is also the idea of preventing diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. To nourish the kidney, we should pay attention to scientific tonic. People with weak Yang should choose mutton, dog meat, chicken, etc. people with both qi and blood loss can eat goose, duck, black chicken, etc. people who should not eat raw, cold, dry and hot can choose to take medlar, red jujube, black sesame, walnut and other foods. If you choose medicine, be sure to follow your doctor's advice. Recommended by


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