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Lidong solar term blessing SMS Daquan wechat circle of friends Lidong blessing

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The arrival of

at the beginning of winter also indicates the arrival of winter. Winter is a relatively cold season, and people will send good wishes at this time. What are the short messages of blessing at the beginning of winter? What are the blessings of Lidong wechat circle of friends? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

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Lidong solar term blessings? 1. Send blessings on the day of Lidong. By the way, the SMS reminds you to exercise more, resist the cold, have a good spirit, eliminate all diseases, and be bored occasionally. Look at the SMS, friends' blessings, stay all the time, I hope you are safe, Stay with you all your life! 2. The beginning of winter is coming, and the cold will come. Here, I knitted a scarf with my mobile phone. I hope it can bring you warmth and care. Through this message, I send my greetings to you: I wish you a happy beginning of winter! 3. After the beginning of winter, when winter comes, a short message shows concern. The weather changes and the cold is unbearable. You can add clothes and be quick by you. You can care more among your friends and wish warm hearts. The beginning of winter is here. May your life be more wonderful and good luck line up! 4. The north wind blows coldly and ushers in the beginning of winter in the twinkling of an eye; Clear frost and cold floc all over the ground, thinking of the surging dark tide; Add clothes to keep warm and antifreeze, and worry about everything with the wind; Dream every night, relax day and night; Short greetings, long love, may you have a happy winter! 5. The beginning of winter is coming today. SMS shows concern. Send you a scarf to surround you with warmth and good luck; Send another pair of gloves to keep warm and won't catch a cold; Thickened down cotton padded jacket, a winter disease does not disturb, with a text message, I wish you good luck!

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6. At the beginning of winter, time understands loneliness. Beginning of winter, years know loneliness. Lidong, you and I understand silence. At the beginning of winter, the world is unknown. Don't let the blessing be unknown. May you be safe every day and every year. 7. Snowflakes stir up missing, desolate cold wind adds melancholy, thousands of mountains and rivers are difficult to meet, and the feeling of thinking of you is getting stronger and stronger. My heart comes with greetings. The temperature is low at the beginning of winter, don't forget to add clothes when it is cold, eat to ensure health, and exercise properly. 8. When the solar terms alternate to the beginning of winter, the feeling of thinking about you becomes stronger. SMS is busy sending blessings, telling you to add clothes in the cold weather, supplement your diet to ensure your health, increase your income every day, reduce your luck from the sky, be happy and in a good mood, and your friendship with me is infinite! 9. At the beginning of winter, set up happy signs and freeze sad cells; Erect the lintel of happiness and freeze the breath of helplessness; Set up a pleasant heart and freeze the lost feelings; Set up a warm frame, freeze dull thoughts, and be happy at the beginning of winter. 10. Pull the lead of smile and send Ruyi to you; Spread eternal thoughts and weave happiness into a beautiful flower basket; Fly the sails of missing and gather the sunset into a happy cry; May every bit of your life be sweet and beautiful in every minute of the years. Happy Lidong.

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11. The leaves are yellow and the wind is crazy. They appear again at the beginning of winter; Flowers with dew, the moon like frost, colder day by day; Blessings and greetings are long, and the thoughts in your heart will not be forgotten; I wish you good health and happiness as usual! 12. Water begins to freeze, and the ground begins to freeze. Transplant rape and rush to seed wheat; Plants wither, insects sleep, and all things in nature are collected; Mutton stove, ginger duck, dumplings smell when giving birth. The beginning of winter comes, SMS arrives, good luck and happiness surround; Regular exercise will keep you healthy and keep you healthy and safe. 13. When the winter wind blows, the leaves are desolate, and it is cold, don't forget to add clothes; Prevent dryness and drink more soup. Only when you are strong and healthy can you be lucky; When the weather turns cold and winter is coming, you can't forget your caring words; Keep in touch and never forget. The tree of friendship is ten thousand years old. 14. Send greetings from afar, with strong blessing; Raise a glass to invite the moon to drink Acacia sorrow; The beginning of winter comes quietly, and frost comes one after another; Warm tips: it's the beginning of winter. It's cold. You should wear clothes when you go out. Happy beginning of winter! 15. Weave a happy cotton padded jacket, carry the happy avenue, abandon all troubles, and wish happiness to hug you tightly; Store all the beauty, drive the cold away, and let the sweet smile at you forever. Beginning of winter, I wish you all the best!


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