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What are the characteristics of the light snow solar term weather in 2020

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talks about light snow, people may feel strange, but this solar term is one of the 24 solar terms in China, which is the solar term in winter. What are the characteristics of the weather in 2020 light snow solar term? What is Xiaoxue particular about? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020小雪节气天气有何特点 有什么讲究

what are the characteristics of 2020 light snow solar term? Light snow solar term is a solar term with high frequency of cold wave and strong cold air activities. In the light snow solar term, a relatively stable meridional circulation has been established in East Asia. There are often low-pressure or low trough in Siberia. When moving eastward, there will be large-scale cold air going south, and a large-scale gale cooling weather will appear in the east of China. The light snow solar term is a solar term with high activity frequency of cold wave and strong cold air.


what does Xiaoxue pay attention to daily conditioning? In winter, Yang Qi is hidden, Yin Qi is extremely prosperous, and all activities tend to stop. Therefore, for daily conditioning after Xiaoxue solar term, remember to "store" Yang Qi to prepare for the next spring. Go to bed early and get up late: people should go to bed early appropriately. At the same time, they should not get up too early in the morning to ensure adequate sleep, which is conducive to the potential of Yang Qi and the accumulation of Yin essence.


sports recuperation "move in winter, make less illness; be lazy in winter, drink more medicine". This proverb is to illustrate the importance of winter exercise. Through sports, the blood flow of coronary artery is significantly increased, so as to ensure the blood oxygen supply of brain, heart and other important organs and make people energetic.

2020小雪节气天气有何特点 有什么讲究

diet health care in order to avoid blood viscosity, you should eat more foods to protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels, such as Salvia miltiorrhiza, hawthorn, black fungus, tomato, celery, red radish, etc.

psychological regulation in the light snow solar term, the weather is often cold and dark. At this time, people's mood will also be affected by it, which is particularly easy to cause depression. In recent years, medical research has found that depression is the most common psychological disease.

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