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What does it mean that the weather in 2020 is sunny and millet is like silver

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Bailu is the 15th solar term in China, and there are some custom activities during Bailu, and these activities are also to celebrate the arrival of the solar term. What does it mean that Bailu is sunny in 2020 and millet is like silver? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020白露天气晴 谷子如白银是什么意思

what does it mean that the White Dew weather is fine and the millet is like silver in 2020? If the White Dew weather is fine, the harvest of rice is quite good, and the newly laid rice piles are everywhere, a white scene.


the blessing of the White Dew solar term 1. The yellow leaves float along the long road, and the north swallow flies south for a long time. Whether it is near or far, it is connected thousands of miles away; The autumn wind is slowly, the autumn is thick, and the sky turns cool in the White Dew season. Whether it's free or busy, I wish you happiness and health. 2. After drinking a mouthful of White Dew, the mosquito has shut up. The autumn is crisp and the sky is beautiful. There is no regret about thinking about old friends. The autumn wind blows laurel stamens and moves two legs more. The body is strong like a fortress. Love life is beautiful. I wish my friends a happy life. 3. Bailu enjoys a hundred Lu. A hundred Lu has a hundred Xi. A hundred Xi protects a hundred longevity, and a hundred longevity brings a hundred blessings. Bai Lu arrives and gives you four trump cards for happiness, wealth and longevity. Your body is refined into steel, your will is indomitable, your career is made a hundred feet, and your mood is in full bloom!

2020白露天气晴 谷子如白银是什么意思

4. The summer heat subsides, the White Dew cools people's hearts, and a mouthful of White Dew in the morning makes you feel comfortable and refreshed; A mouthful of White Dew at noon, leisurely and complacent; A mouthful of White Dew at night, no disease, no annoyance, good sleep. Believe it or not. 5. The hot summer gradually fades, White Dew quietly comes, the temperature difference between hot day and cold night is large, and attention should be paid to health: respiratory diseases should be prevented, light porridge should be eaten to match, fish and shrimp should be avoided, and pickled spicy things should be eaten by mistake. Wish you health! 6. The golden wind sends autumn back, and the White Dew comes quietly to send you blessings, and the friendship is still in the air. Dew doesn't stay long, the sun is warm, melon green jujube sweet rice fragrance, you are grinning. Happy Bailu Festival.

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