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2020 frost pull radish or early winter pull radish prevention

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frost fall is the last solar term in autumn among the 24 solar terms in China. There are also many customs and activities during frost fall. So, will frost fall in 2020 pull out radishes or pull out radishes at the beginning of winter? What is frost prevention? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020霜降拔萝卜还是立冬拔萝卜 预防什么

2020 frost pulling radish or pulling radish at the beginning of winter: the agricultural proverb "sorghum in summer, Bailu Valley, frost pulling Radish" is popular in Shandong. Here, "frost pulling Radish" means that there is a large temperature difference in the morning and evening after frost, and if the radish in the open field is not harvested in time, there will be frozen skin and so on, Affect the quality and harvest of radish. White radish is a plant food with high nutritional value and low price. The proverb "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer without doctor's prescription" has been circulating among the people since ancient times. In modern times, some people also call Radish "native ginseng". White radish also has the functions of increasing appetite, helping digestion, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, removing dryness and generating fluid. In addition, it also has the auxiliary effects of anti-virus and anti-cancer. Among the white radishes, those with white skin and impermeable meat taste spicy and can only be cooked; If the skin is transparent and the meat is not spicy but sweet, it can be eaten raw. Nutrition experts also suggest that people try to eat raw white radish after frost. During this period of time, try to eat raw white radish. If the skin of white radish is white and impervious, the meat taste is spicy and can only be cooked; If the skin is transparent and the meat is not spicy but sweet, it can be eaten raw. The function of eating white radish raw is to lower Qi and relieve abdominal distension; Second, white radish enters the lung. The lung should be in autumn. White radish can strengthen the "Su Jiang" function of the lung, not only stop cough, but also promote the movement of the large intestine. "The lung and the large intestine are outside and inside", which is beneficial to human health.

2020霜降拔萝卜还是立冬拔萝卜 预防什么

what to prevent frost? Autumn dryness is mainly manifested in dry mouth, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat, dry tongue, less fluid, dry stool, dry skin and even chapped skin. The lung likes moistening and dislikes dryness. The function of the lung will be affected. There will be a series of autumn dryness diseases, such as dry nasopharyngeal, hoarseness, dry cough and less phlegm, thirst and constipation.


prevent autumn fatigue. As the saying goes, "spring is tired and autumn is tired". Autumn is easy to be tired. If you want to prevent "autumn fatigue", you must first ensure adequate sleep. You can sleep about an hour more every day than in summer, so as to help the balance of yin and Yang and astringe your spirit, eliminate fatigue and enhance immunity.

to prevent colds, we should first pay attention to adding clothes in time to prevent colds. It is worth noting that it is not only enough to wear more clothes, but also pay attention to the impact of the environment on the human body. Secondly, wash your hands carefully, which is the most direct way to prevent colds

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