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Why are apples better after frost in 2020? What are the changes in daily life before and after frost

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will usher in the last solar term in autumn after the cold dew solar term, and there will be some weather changes when the frost falls. So why are apples better to eat after the frost in 2020? Is there any change in daily life before and after frost? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020为什么霜降后的苹果更好吃 前后起居有什么变化

2020 why do apples taste better after frost? Because frost occurs when the temperature is very low. In order to resist the cold, apples will convert starch substances into sugar, so that the cell fluid in apples is not easy to be damaged and damaged by frost. This is the self-protection of plants One way to adapt to environmental change. After frost, the starch in fruits and vegetables changes from hydrolysis to maltase under the action of amylase in the plant, and then changes into glucose through the action of maltose. Glucose is easily dissolved in water and is sweet, so apples and vegetables taste sweet.

what are the changes in daily life before and after the frost? 1. Adjust the temperature difference in daily life. 2. Keep warm and protect the intestines and stomach. 3. Be calm and stay away from the sad autumn. 4. Combine work and rest with strong cold resistance. 5. Balance the diet and cultivate the spirit. The warm blessings of

2020为什么霜降后的苹果更好吃 前后起居有什么变化

frost falling solar terms. 1. The faint friendship is very true, A little bit of love is very drunk, a little bit of loneliness is very beautiful, a little bit of missing is very deep, and a little bit of blessing is very sweet. 2. I twist the blessings into thread, weave them into clothes, put them on my shoulders and send them to you. Let my blessings warm you and wrap you, and let my heart accompany you through the frost! 3. You can't work without leadership, TV without advertising, consumption without money, and stock speculation without courage. In fact, these are nothing. The key is that when the frost falls, you can't do without blessing. 4. The frost has fallen. Although the weather has turned cold, we can care about and help people in need with a warm heart! Let our society become more harmonious!

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