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What month is the heavy snow solar term in 2020? December 7, 2020

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will usher in a new solar term after the light snow solar term, that is, the heavy snow solar term, and the heavy snow solar term is also the solar term in winter. What month and day is the heavy snow solar term in 2020? Which day does the heavy snow solar term in 2020 refer to? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020年大雪节气是几月几日 2020年12月07日

what month is the heavy snow solar term in 2020: Monday, December 7, 2020, the heavy snow on October 23 of the lunar calendar, which is the 21st of the 24 solar terms and the third in winter. Heavy snow, douzhigui, the sun reaches 255 degrees of the Yellow meridian, and the festival time is December 6-8 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Like the solar terms of light snow, rain, grain rain and light full, heavy snow is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation. The arrival of heavy snow in the solar term means that the weather will be colder and colder, and the precipitation will gradually increase. The most common solar terms of heavy snow are cooling, rain or snow.


the custom of pickled meat in heavy snow. There is a saying in old Nanjing, which is called "light snow pickled vegetables, heavy snow pickled meat". As soon as the snow season arrives, every family is busy pickling "salty goods".


watch the river closure "land closure with light snow and river closure with heavy snow". There is a natural landscape of "thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow floating" in the north, and there are charming pictures of "snowflakes flying and silver all over the sky" in the south. In the snow season, the ice in the river is frozen, and people can skate and play.


, 2020年大雪节气是几月几日 2020年12月07日,


drink sweet potato porridge. There is a saying among the people in northern Shandong that "when you go to the door, you just drink red sticky porridge", which means that you don't come to the door anymore in cold weather and only drink warm sweet potato porridge at home.


there is a ballad about mixing sugar: "sugar customers, take it slowly, and small interest children follow a large class." before and after the heavy snow solar term, the scene of "mixing sugar" will appear in the streets of Wenzhou. The whole page of maltose made by maltose workshops in various places is provided to small traders who carry the burden of walking through the streets, commonly known as "sugar customers".

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