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Is there snow in the 2020 heavy snow solar term? What do the three seasons mean

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heavy snow is the solar term in winter in China. In winter, the weather is relatively cold. People also wear thick clothes and pay attention to keeping warm. Is there snow in the heavy snow solar term in 2020? What does three seasons of heavy snow mean? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020大雪节气有没有下雪 三候又是指啥

whether there is snow in 2020 heavy snow solar term: it depends on the specific situation   The heavy snow solar term does not mean that there will be snow on the same day, but that the weather will become colder during this period. The possibility of snow is greater than that of the previous solar term. It is the third solar term in winter and the 21st solar term in the traditional 24 solar terms, marking the official beginning of midsummer. What does


mean? The three periods of heavy snow respectively mean: "the cuckoo does not sing at one time; the tiger begins to pay at the other time; and the litchi comes out in heavy snow at the third time." cuckoo gulls are also called "cold horn birds" in the folk. They are like pheasants but very aggressive birds. After the heavy snow solar term, they no longer sing. After entering the snow solar term, people think that this season is the most Yin Qi in a year. The ancient concept is "prosperity and decline". Therefore, at this time, the tiger of the king of beasts will begin to courtship and mate because it feels Yang Qi. The "litchi" in the last season does not refer to litchi, but a common plant in rural areas - Malan. After the heavy snow solar term, this plant will also begin to sprout because it feels the sprouting of Yang Qi.

2020大雪节气有没有下雪 三候又是指啥

blessing of snow solar term 1. Snow is romantic. Take my crystal white blessing. Snow is elegant and takes away your troubles that disturb your heart. Snow is crystal clear and reflects your forward journey. Snow is warm and warms your wet heart. 2. Snowflakes are the secrets of winter. There are always thousands of strands. Snowflakes are the honeyed language of winter. There are always thousands of sweets. Snowflakes are the search of winter. There are always thousands of mountains and thousands of snow. Only between turns and heavy snow season, I hope happiness can find you. 3. Heavy snow blocks the sight from afar, the route home, and the defense line in your heart. Heavy snow can block thousands of rivers and mountains, but it can't block the sudden miss. Heavy snow, I wish you a warm companion in your heart. 4. Whenever the wind blows on your face, it is very cold; The snow drifted on the body, very heavy; The frost congeals on the eyes and is very wet; The fog cage is on your feet, very heavy; Greetings to the heart, very warm; It's true that blessings surround you. May you be happy in the snowy season!

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