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What does Guo Bailu mean in 2020? What fruit is suitable for eating

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People may feel strange when

talks about the Bailu solar term, but this is the solar term in the autumn of China's 24 solar terms. What does it mean to spend Bailu in 2020? What fruit is Bailu suitable for? Let's analyze this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年过白露是什么意思 适合吃什么水果

what does it mean to pass the White Dew in 2020: the weather has turned cold. Passing the White Dew means that after the White Dew solar term, that is, at this time, the weather has turned cold and people begin to add clothes. Bailu, the 15th of the "24 solar terms", is the end of Shenyue and the beginning of youyue.


Bailu are suitable for what fruit to eat. Citrus is warm and sweet in season. It has the effects of appetizing Qi, relieving thirst and moistening lung. However, those with Yin deficiency and fire prosperous constitution will have fire symptoms such as sore mouth and tongue, dry throat and sore throat.

eat cucumber raw. Eating cucumber raw can fully supplement the water contained in the skin.

fresh grape grape is the fruit of deciduous woody vines in the grape family, also known as grass dragon pearl, crystal pearl, cattail, Putao, plum and mountain gourd.

autumn pears rich in water are health and medical fruits in winter, including pears and sugarcane.

2020年过白露是什么意思 适合吃什么水果

the three seasons of White Dew specifically refer to what the geese are about to enter late autumn after the White Dew solar term. The geese are migrating from north to south in search of a warm winter site.

the black bird belongs to the black bird, that is, the swallow. The swallow comes at the spring equinox and goes away at the autumn equinox. When the swallow left, it took away the vitality of the north and brought a vast cold day.


birds raise shame. "Shame" is the same as "food", which is a common false word. It has the meaning of food. At the Bailu solar term, the weather begins to enter late autumn. Animals perceive the seasonal changes and begin to store food and prepare food for winter.

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