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What is the meaning of Bailu not doing underground in 2020

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Bailu solar term is one of the 24 solar terms in China, which belongs to autumn, and many customs in Bailu solar term have been inherited now. What does it mean that Bailu will not work underground in 2020? What are the customs and taboos of Bailu solar term in 2020? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年白露逢单地下不干是什么意思 习俗禁忌

what does it mean that Bailu doesn't work underground every single day in 2020? If Bailu catches up with an odd date on this day, there will be continuous rain in the next period of time, resulting in "no work on the ground". However, if Bailu catches up with the even number of dates on this day, it will be sunny and sunny after Bailu. It is a good weather. Dry grain goes to the warehouse and particles go to the warehouse. However, the "single and double" here are not calculated according to the Gregorian calendar, but according to the lunar calendar loved by the older generation.

Bailu custom taboo Bailu is a good time to harvest and sow crops. Therefore, people taboo the wind and rain this day. People believe that the White Dew and rain will affect the agricultural harvest. There is an agricultural proverb that "the rain at sunset in White Dew is bad at every place", "before White Dew is rain, after White Dew is ghost". Some proverbs even say that "the summer rain is sweet and the White Dew rain is bitter". The direct consequence of the bitter rain is that the vegetables will become bitter and the harvested rice will be eaten away by insects. The White Dew season is the key to cotton growth. At this time, the wind is easy to affect the quality of cotton and peach. As the saying goes: "on the White Dew day, the northeast wind, ten bolls (cotton peaches) and nine pus; on the White Dew day, the northwest wind, ten bolls and nine empty."


"" 2020年白露逢单地下不干是什么意思 习俗禁忌 ""


"White Dew solar term warm blessing 1. Send you a plum blossom" dew " , pursue health and happiness; send you a happy "dew", a bottle of peanut "dew" Good luck, happiness. The blessing of Bailu is sent! 2. Expose your troubles to the sun, evaporate without a trace, expose your worries to the air, and float away without a word. Reveal your happiness into your heart, moisten countless happiness. Bailu Festival, may you smile and be happy! 3. Show a sweet smile to your lover, bright love, and show luck to the years Fu's smile is beautiful; show a sincere smile towards life, and you will be happy constantly; when white dew comes, may you show a beautiful smile every day.

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