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What are the ancient poems and peasant proverbs of the beginning of winter solar term

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frost falling solar term is the last solar term in autumn, and after the frost falling solar term is the beginning of winter. What is the ancient poetry of the beginning of winter? What is Lidong farmer's proverb? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

立冬节气的古诗词 农家谚语是什么

the ancient poetry of the beginning of winter solar term beginning of winter [Tang Dynasty] Li Bai's new poetry is lazy, and the cold stove and good wine are warm. Drunk to see the ink flowers and the white moon, I doubt that the snow is full in the front village.


poems chanting twenty-four Qi · beginning of winter October Festival [Tang] the frost in Yuanzhen is cold, light ice and other water. The toad takes out the fiber shadow, and the wild goose takes a few lines of residue. Tian Zhong collected it and made it into clothes and fur. It will not be difficult for a pheasant to turn into a mirage on the day it is thrown into the water.

at the beginning of winter [song] purple and gold frost fell into the water, the lotus pond was dry, and the west wind gradually called the north wind. Boxwood is stubborn, and white birch is soft and half sparse. The cold frost on the door can wake up the bones, and the residual photos on the window are good for reading. It is planned to sing plum snow in March and borrow its own small stove.

at the beginning of winter, Wen Lei [song] Su Zhe Yang's sex does not converge, and he often suffers at the age of half a year. Corn and millet feed locust borer, and Japonica Rice Commission Pinglu. The people are hungry and strong, and the wheat sleeps in the autumn evening. Min Ran is waiting for a rain, the frost falls and the spring shrinks. Huiwei mountain faces the sky, and the torrential rain turns over the earth. After ten days of growing violence, Fang Dong's age is getting worse and worse. Spring thunder in the middle of the night, and the wheel hub in the middle of the day. I couldn't sleep, and my child cried. Plain vision of the atrium, pine chrysanthemum half destroy bald. Dead grass sprouts and insects lie dormant. The salary is not out of the market, and the morning cooking is not cooked in the afternoon. If the first kind is not buried in the soil, it is difficult to get full pay in spring. The scholar wrote an old saying, and Hong Fan left a slip. When there is no middle base, who should sue.

立冬节气的古诗词 农家谚语是什么

the farmer proverb at the beginning of winter 1. The wheat is under the beginning of winter, and the snow is idle. 2. The beginning of winter rain, rotten potato hoop. 3. There is a heavy fog on the day of the beginning of winter, and radishes are ordered in the winter water field. 4. Thunder at the beginning of winter should turn against spring. Thunder hits ten bullpens in winter and nine are empty. 5. Planting peas at the beginning of winter. 6. The beginning of winter is still ten days, and the clothes are not covered with cotton. 7. The clear phase of Tianshui enters, and the autumn and winter air begins to cross. 8. New poems written with frozen pen are lazy, and the cold stove and good wine are warm.

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