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2020 lunar autumn equinox farmers harvest festival

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has also been set up a festival in the autumnal equinox solar term in China, but many people are not very clear about this festival. So why is the festival set up in the 2020 lunar autumnal equinox? Is it the farmers' harvest festival? Let's learn about this festival with the old yellow calendar!

2020农历秋分设立为什么节 农民丰收节

why is the 2020 lunar autumn equinox festival established: the Chinese farmers' harvest festival is a festival established in China since June 21, 2018, and the time is the annual Lunar autumn equinox. The festival was applied for by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas. It is the first Festival set up for farmers at the national level.

autumnal equinox solar terms warm blessings. 1. The autumnal equinox stirs the strings of missing to make love sweet. The autumnal equinox knocks on the window of concern, making the sentiment become graceful. The autumnal equinox plays the melodious piano to make the plain become brilliant. The autumnal equinox holds the lucky line and makes the short become continuous. The autumnal equinox raises a smiling face and makes life bright and colorful. Wish you a happy autumnal equinox.

2020农历秋分设立为什么节 农民丰收节

2. Autumnal equinox, Equinox Day and night, cool morning, beautiful dusk, warm hot weather, comfortable time is not boring. Please let my blessings be serious. I wish you a happy autumnal equinox and laugh! 3. The fields in autumn are publicized and glittering with the light of harvest everywhere; In autumn, the hillside is full of sweet fruit fragrance everywhere; The singing of autumn is rich, and the ends of the earth convey the heart of joy. It's the autumn equinox. I wish you a cool mood like the autumn wind and a fragrant life like autumn fruit! 4. The autumn wind is refreshing, the mood is wonderful, the autumn chrysanthemum is brilliant, the life is good, the autumn rain is lingering, the good luck is around, the autumn is warm and the trouble is less. The autumn equinox blessing is sent. May you have a good harvest in spring and autumn!

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