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What is the symbol of 2020 cold dew? What are the meteorological proverbs

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cold dew is one of the 24 solar terms in China, and the cold dew has entered the autumn climate, and the weather is gradually cool. What is the symbol of 2020 cold dew? What are the proverbs of cold dew weather? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!


what is the symbol of 2020 cold dew: the temperature is lower, the air is dewy, and it is getting cold.   Cold dew is the seventeenth of the twenty-four solar terms and belongs to the fifth solar term in autumn. Dipyridamole; The sun reaches 195 ° of the Yellow meridian; The festival is held from October 7 to 9 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Cold dew is a solar term that reflects the characteristics of climate change. After the cold dew solar term, the day is shorter and the night is longer, the sunshine is reduced, the heat is slowly receding, the cold is gradually generated, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the morning and evening feel a little cold. In terms of climate characteristics, in the cold dew season, the autumn in the south is getting stronger, cool and windy, with little rain and dry; The vast areas of the north have entered or will enter winter from late autumn.

cold dew solar term meteorological proverb cold dew meteorological proverb cold dew falling rain rotten millet (expensive) cold dew has rain. If it rains all over the world in the rainy (Hunan) cold dew in the future, it rains much in the first month and February (Guangdong and Guangxi). If it rains on rainy days in the first month and February, it rains a lot (Hunan) cold dew has a lot of rain, and there is no heavy water in spring; Cold dew and little rain, heavy water in spring (Fujian), cold dew, overcast rain, autumn frost, cold dew and rain wind in late (Hebei), clear and sunny wind in Qingming (Hebei), cold dew and frost fall festival, tight wind is snow (Jiangxi), cold dew and frost, late rice is injured (Jiangsu and Hunan),


in fog, cold dew and snow, catch up with the cold dew in (Hebei) and make trouble until the beginning of winter (Hebei) The cold dew makes the sky noisy until the beginning of winter (Hebei). There is thunder before and after the cold dew. It will be rainy in the coming year (Anhui, Hunan, etc.). The cold dew has passed three dynasties, and the bridge (Guangdong)

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