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Is the beginning of winter 2020 the beginning of winter or the winter solstice? What are the taboos

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The 24 solar terms of

are distributed in four different seasons, and the beginning of winter and the winter solstice are winter solar terms. So is the beginning of 2020 winter the beginning of winter or the winter solstice? What are the taboos of Lidong? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020冬天的开始是立冬还是冬至 禁忌大全有哪些

is the beginning of winter or the winter solstice in 2020: the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. It is one of the twenty-four solar terms. The bucket handle points to the northwest, and the solar yellow meridian reaches 225 °, which is the festival between November 7 and 8 of the Gregorian calendar. The beginning of winter is a seasonal solar term, which means that it has entered winter since then, which means that wind and rain, dry and wet, light and temperature are at a turning point and begin to transition from autumn to winter. The winter solstice is the 22nd solar term of the "24 solar terms", with douzhizi and the sun yellow meridian reaching 270 °, which is handed over on December 21-23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The winter solstice is the extreme of the sun's southward travel. On this day, the sun's height in the northern hemisphere is the smallest. What are the taboos of


at the beginning of winter? There are taboos among the people not to eat raw and cold radishes and fruits on the beginning of winter. They think that the beginning of winter solar eclipse will damage the body. In Changli, Hebei, Qingyun, Shandong and other places, it is forbidden to blow southeast wind on the beginning of winter, otherwise the crops will fail in the coming year. In Sichuan, it is forbidden to rain and sunny on the first day of winter, because sunny days can protect cattle and horses from frostbite. There is a proverb in Xingning, Hunan Province that "there is no rain at the beginning of winter and it is sunny in winter", which believes that it is appropriate to be sunny at the beginning of winter. Zhejiang, Hangzhou and Nanchang also have the saying that "it is sunny in winter and sunny in winter".

2020冬天的开始是立冬还是冬至 禁忌大全有哪些

warm blessings of the beginning of winter solar term 1. The leaves fall on the winter solstice, the Magnolia swings and fragrance, Miss dancing in the air, get drunk in the setting sun, care for the warm heart, add clothes when it is cold, don't be too busy on weekdays, gather and disperse sadness, don't be serious, open-minded and laugh. Wish you happiness and good health! 2. When winter comes, the cold wind howls, the body is cold and the feet jump. Deep friendship will surround you, and warm blessings have been sent. Not afraid of snowflakes outside, warm and enthusiastic. I wish you good health and happiness. Happy Lidong! 3. As time goes by, you can't take care of thousands of people; Leaves fall silently, leaving a calm; Regretless life, let us strive to interpret the vision of the future; Beautiful mood, let greetings interpret sincere blessings. At the beginning of winter, I wish you happiness! 4. The snow is clear, and the branches in winter are covered with romantic fragrance; The cold wind is blowing, and the winter air is full of auspicious melody; Wish you happiness in winter; Deep greetings, I wish you well-being in the beginning of winter! 5. The raging cold wind can't stop the wanton passion; The frozen world cannot freeze the warm feelings; Flying snowflakes can't fly away the continuous friendship; Far distance, not far from the heart. Happy Lidong, peace and happiness!

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