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The story of eating dumplings in 2020 winter solstice what is the origin of solar terms

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winter solstice is an important festival in China. During the winter solstice, the South eats dumplings and the North eats dumplings, but many people don't know the reason why they eat dumplings at the winter solstice. So what's the story of eating dumplings at the 2020 winter solstice? What is the origin of the winter solstice solar terms? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020冬至吃饺子的故事 节气的由来是什么

the story of eating dumplings in the 2020 winter solstice. It is said that this custom is left by giving medicine in memory of "medical saint" Zhang Zhongjing. Zhang Zhongjing is a native of Langdong, Nanyang. His treatise on Febrile and miscellaneous diseases, a collection of great achievements of doctors, has been regarded as a classic by doctors of all dynasties. Zhang Zhongjing has a famous saying: "if you enter, you will save the world; if you retreat, you will save the people; if you can't be a good minister, you should also be a good doctor." in the Eastern Han Dynasty, he was the governor of Changsha, visiting patients, applying medicine and practicing medicine in the lobby. He resolutely resigned and returned home to treat his neighbors. It was winter when he returned home. He saw that the villagers on both sides of the Baihe River were yellow and skinny, hungry and cold, and many people's ears were frozen. He asked his disciples to set up a medical shed and a big pot in Dongguan, Nanyang, and give up "Quhan Jiaoer Decoction" to treat chilblain on the winter solstice. He boiled mutton, pepper and some cold expelling herbs in a pot, then fished out the mutton and medicine, chopped them, made them into ear like "Jiao ears" with bread, cooked them, and gave them to each person who came to ask for medicine two "Jiao ears" and a large bowl of broth. People ate "jiao'er" and drank "Quhan soup". They were warm, their ears were hot, and their frostbitten ears were cured. Later generations learn the appearance of "jiao'er" and wrap it into food, also known as "dumplings" or "flat food". Eating dumplings at the winter solstice is the grace of Zhang Zhongjing, the "saint of medicine", to "dispel cold and Jiao ear soup". So far, Nanyang still has a folk song of "improper dumpling bowl at the winter solstice, frozen ears and no one cares".

2020冬至吃饺子的故事 节气的由来是什么

what is the origin of the winter solstice? The winter solstice festival originated in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties. Up to now, there is even a saying that the winter solstice is as big as a year in the Qing Jialu, which shows that the ancients attached great importance to the winter solstice. People believe that the winter solstice is the natural transformation of yin and Yang and a blessing given by heaven. In the Han Dynasty, the winter solstice was regarded as the "winter festival", and the government held a congratulatory ceremony called "Hedong".

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