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What are the precautions for burning paper in 2020 winter solstice

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winter solstice from ancient times to now is not only China's traditional 24 solar terms, but also China's traditional festival and ancestor worship Festival. What should be paid attention to in paper burning in 2020 winter solstice? What's special about burning paper at the winter solstice? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020年冬至烧纸注意事项 有啥讲究的事情

precautions for paper burning in the 2020 winter solstice 1. It gets dark quickly in winter. It is generally better to burn it in the evening; It's dark or too late; Easy to provoke bad things; It is also best to wear mascots when burning paper, which can help pursue good fortune, avoid evil and ward off evil. 2. There are two situations for burning paper money. One is at the intersection near home. Before incineration, the list can be written with the names of ancestors, but not future generations or their own names. If it is written, it is generally referred to as future generations; The other is to burn in front of the ancestors' tombs or beside the holy places according to the rules. 3. When burning paper, remember not to use chemical incense or inferior incense. Natural incense is correct. This can be offered to a better natural fragrance in a non phase copper furnace. 4. When buying burning paper, don't buy stacks of printed matter. One sheet is worth hundreds of millions. The money is not real. It's not as valuable as old rubles and Vietnamese Dong. You can't even buy a popsicle under a pile. It's too hairy. However, while burning a lot of money, it's OK to burn a little like this. There are many debt collectors who shamelessly ask you for money and grind you if they don't give it, so they have to answer them with this kind of small money. 5. Buy yellow straw paper. After spreading it, take a piece of real money of 100 yuan and press it on the paper. Feel that the 100 yuan is a stamp. Cover it in rows from right to left and from top to bottom until the whole paper is covered. Such burning paper is hard currency below. Only when you have money can you really succeed. Only when you put it in your pocket can you have face. 6. Fold the burning paper, divide the burning paper into seven or eight pieces, and fold them diagonally twice, otherwise it will be very troublesome for a pile of paper to burn. It'll be easy to fold and burn. 7. Before going to burn paper, you'd better prepare a lighter and a small stick. In this way, it is convenient for you to pull up the burning paper pressed together when burning paper, so as to circulate the air and facilitate combustion. It is a good choice to use the waste mop rod at home, but pay attention, don't take it back after use, just throw it away.

2020年冬至烧纸注意事项 有啥讲究的事情

8. Don't burn until it's dark. No one dares to come out to get money at dawn. On the circuit to burn paper, try to avoid burning paper. Don't step on it. Sometimes an intersection is full of paper ash piles, and you can't even walk around if you want to, so you have to walk through it carefully. Sometimes you may need to take a big step. Before you go over, you have to say, sorry, excuse me. 9. Draw a circle on the ground to be burned before burning paper. Be careful not to circle yourself inside. Leave a gap in the northwest corner to facilitate the following relatives to come in and get the money. 10. Be serious when burning paper. Don't laugh and make trouble. Since you are here, be respectful. 11. Before burning paper for relatives, light two and throw them out of the circle. If you are right, it is a lonely ghost who has no relatives to send money. 12. Read words when burning paper. 13. We must insist on watching the paper burn out before we can go. This can not only prevent fire, but also prevent the wind from blowing out the paper and being picked up by other passers-by, which will make the old man unhappy.

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