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What does the 2020 winter solstice mean? Is it the coldest day

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when it comes to the winter solstice, the most familiar thing for people should be the winter solstice. Every family wants to eat dumplings and dumplings for the festival. What does it mean that the 2020 winter solstice is as big as new year? Is the winter solstice the coldest day? Let's understand and analyze this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020年冬至大如年是什么意思 是最冷的一天吗

what does it mean that the 2020 winter solstice is as big as the year? The most important folk activity of the ancients on the day of the winter solstice is winter worship. Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties, there has been a custom of celebrating the winter solstice according to the etiquette and customs of celebrating New Year's day. Lu You said in the notes of laoxue nunnery: "it's the eve of the winter solstice. It's known that the day before the winter solstice in the Tang Dynasty is also called New Year's Eve." according to the careful old stories of Wulin: "The grand meeting of the imperial court celebrates the event and is like yuan Zhengyi. The most important thing for everyone is the celebration of the sun and the winter. The cars and horses are all Chinese and fresh. The five drums have been filled and mixed in the ninth street. The women and children's clothes are gorgeous and the traffic is like clouds. All the shops and shops are closed within three days, which is called like the new year." During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the winter solstice was a day for offering sacrifices to heaven and ancestors. On this day, the emperor would go to the suburbs to hold a grand ceremony for offering sacrifices to heaven. People would worship their parents and elders on this day, which continued until the late Qing Dynasty. The winter Solstice was the longest night of the year. Many people used this night to make "winter solstice circle" with glutinous rice flour, in order to distinguish it from the later "farewell" on the eve of the Spring Festival , the day before the winter solstice is called "Tian Sui", which means that the "year" is not over, but everyone has grown a year.

2020年冬至大如年是什么意思 是最冷的一天吗

Is the winter solstice the coldest day: when it is not the winter solstice, the earth is the perihelion, which is the farthest point where the sun moves south. On the winter solstice, the sun height in the northern hemisphere is the smallest and the day time is the shortest, but the winter solstice is not the coldest day. Because when the direct point of the sun moves to the southern hemisphere, the temperature in the northern hemisphere begins to decrease a little, and the heat dissipation continues almost unchanged As the weather continues, it will get colder and colder. Therefore, although the winter solstice is the time when the solar radiation energy is the lowest, the ground, especially the water body, can store huge energy as a buffer medium, so the temperature change needs an accumulation process. The cooling in the northern hemisphere is a continuous and slow process. On the winter solstice, when the sun shines directly on the Tropic of cancer, the earth's temperature is still rising The downward trend is decreasing. The coldest solar terms in a year are before and after the minor cold solar terms and severe cold solar terms half a month later.

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