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Is December 22 the winter solstice every year? When did it originate

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has some traditional festivals in December, the last month of each year, and the winter solstice is the traditional festival and solar term in that month. Is December 22 the winter solstice every year? When did the winter solstice originate? Let's get to know this with the old yellow calendar!

每年的12月22号都是冬至吗 起源于何时

is the winter solstice on December 22 every year: it is not that the winter solstice is not fixed on a specific day. Therefore, like the Qingming Festival, it is called "living Festival", which generally comes between December 21 or December 22 of the Gregorian calendar. When did the winter solstice


originate? The winter solstice can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty 3000 years ago. Friends who are familiar with the ancient calendar will know that there is a so-called tradition of "changing zhengshuo and changing clothes" in ancient China. Dong Zhongshu of the Han Dynasty further summarized it, rose to the theoretical form, and then put forward the saying of "three unification and three integrity". We won't talk about "three unification". Let's talk about "three Zhengs". The so-called "positive" refers to the "first month". Today, we regard January as the first month, as if it was common sense.

每年的12月22号都是冬至吗 起源于何时

actually was not like this in ancient times. For example, in the Xia Dynasty, January was the first month, so Xia Jianyin; In the Shang Dynasty, December was the first month, so it was built by merchants; In the Zhou Dynasty, November was the first month, so Zhou Jianzi was born. In the Qin Dynasty, October was the first month. After the Han Dynasty replaced the Qin Dynasty, it denied it on a large scale, even denied the legitimacy of its regime, and thought that it directly inherited the Zhou Dynasty. Dong Zhongshu took the "three" as the cycle and established his own historical view of black, white and red. Therefore, in the Han Dynasty, it was another cycle. Like the calendar of the Xia Dynasty, it took January as the first month. Since then, this calendar has been used for more than 2000 years. We usually call it "lunar calendar". In fact, it has another name, namely "summer calendar".

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