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Where is the direct point of the sun on the winter solstice in 2020

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in the spring equinox, autumn equinox, summer solstice and so on, the direction and position of direct sunlight will be different from other solar terms. So where is the direct sunlight point on the winter solstice in 2020? What does the winter solstice mean? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年冬至日太阳直射点在哪里 一阳生是什么意思

where is the direct solar radiation on the winter solstice in 2020: the direct solar radiation point of the Tropic of cancer is the place where the solar light entry angle (i.e. the solar altitude angle) on the earth's surface is 90 degrees, which is the intersection of the connecting line between the earth's center and the sun's center and the earth's sphere. The local time of the meridian where the direct point of the sun is located is 12 noon. During the winter solstice, the direct point of the sun is the Tropic of cancer (23 degrees and 26 minutes south latitude). After that, it moved north and returned to the equator on March 21 (the spring equinox). What does


mean? From the day of the winter solstice, Yang began to rise slowly, which is called "the day of good luck". Therefore, in this season, pay attention to health preservation and tonic in time, so that the whole winter will not only be less sick, but also be helpful for some diseases accumulated before.

2020年冬至日太阳直射点在哪里 一阳生是什么意思

the winter solstice blessing is short. 1. When the winter solstice solar term comes, the sun smiles at you, the day is lengthening and the night is shortening; Warmth is strengthening and indifference is disappearing; Happiness is refueling, trouble is melting. I wish you good luck, happiness and joy in winter. 2. On the winter solstice, make care into cotton padded jacket, let warmth hug you, wrap greetings into dumplings, make your mood infinitely wonderful, treat sincerity as firecrackers, let harvest report to you, turn blessings into sunshine, let happiness shine on you, and wish you a happy winter solstice. 3. The winter solstice snows all over the ground, and every piece is my heart: nine days silver makeup adds beauty, and pure snowflakes are just like you; Sky dancing Silver Snake galloping wax elephant, beautiful scenery increases your spirit! Winter solstice is coming, friends, keep warm! 4. Wink at the winter solstice and send information to care; Warm and warm, sweet and wish; It's cold in the morning. Keep warm when you add clothes; Exercise in the playground, happy like a fairy; The friendship warms the heart; May you always do as you wish and don't forget yourself; Text messages spread, and luck rushed to heaven. 5. When the winter solstice comes, dumplings are delivered by express: peace is skin, happiness is filling, the truth is cooked, happy Taotao is eaten, dumpling soup is drunk, and the whole family is healthy. Good luck in winter!

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