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What does the 2020 winter solstice dumpling stuffing mean? Is it the first day of counting nine

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The solar term of

after the heavy snow solar term is the winter solstice solar term, and this solar term is very important for us, because people will sacrifice their ancestors during this solar term, so this is also a traditional festival in China. What is the meaning of 2020 winter solstice dumpling filling? Is the winter solstice the first day of counting nine? Let's learn about this with the old yellow calendar!

2020冬至饺子馅所代表的寓意是什么 是数九的第一天吗

what does the filling of 2020 winter solstice dumplings mean? 1. Celery filling - that is, the meaning of diligence and wealth, so it is called diligence and wealth dumplings. Diligence: diligence and diligence; Frequent, frequent (frequent) flow is called diligence and wealth. It is a blessing for a steady stream of material wealth; It is also a blessing for diligence and pragmatism. 2. Leek stuffing means Jiucai, so it is called Jiucai dumpling. Long: that is, long time, long time, that is, long wealth. It is the material wealth to pray for a long time; It is also a blessing for eternity. I hope people will be healthy, harmonious, happy and happy for a long time. 3. Mushroom stuffing - that is, the meaning of gucai, so it is gucai dumpling. Drum: that is, it rises high and protrudes. The shape of mushroom is like an upward arrow, or it is the trend of the stock market. It means to go up and fill the drum, which is called drum wealth; Or to express the best wishes for the younger generation to excel. 4. Fish meat stuffing - meaning Yucai, so it is Yucai dumpling. Yu: that is, if you have surplus, I wish you surplus every year, which is called surplus wealth. What you pay is hard work, what you get is wealth, and what remains is health. 5. Jujube stuffing - that is, the meaning of Zhaocai, so it is called Zhaocai dumpling. Move: that is, call, like the God of wealth. The wealth in the world is dispatched by you, which is called calling for wealth. Traditionally, I like to wrap coins in dumplings. What I eat is the best luck, but it is not very safe and hygienic, so I wrap big red dates. I wish what I eat will be prosperous and full of Qi in the new year.

2020冬至饺子馅所代表的寓意是什么 是数九的第一天吗

is the winter solstice the first day of count nine: Yes, China has entered count nine cold days since the winter solstice. "Shujiu" is a more suitable miscellaneous solar term in northern China, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. From the day of the winter solstice, it enters the "count nine", commonly known as "jiaojiu". After that, it is a unit every nine days, which is called "Nine". After nine "Nine", it is just 81 days, which is "out of nine". At that time, the flowers bloom in spring.

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