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Is the 2020 winter solstice the end of winter

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winter is a cold season, and the beginning of winter solar term means the beginning of winter. The winter solar term includes the winter solstice solar term. Is the 2020 winter solstice the end of winter? What is the winter solstice called? Let's get to know the old yellow calendar together!

2020年冬至是冬天结束吗 又叫什么

is the 2020 winter solstice the end of winter: not the winter solstice does not mean the end of winter, but the winter solstice is the beginning of colder and colder winter. The winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night in the northern hemisphere. After the winter solstice, the day will get longer and the night will get shorter. In ancient China, the saying is: when the cathode reaches, the Yang Qi begins to grow, the sun reaches south, the sun is short, and the sun shadow grows, so it is called "winter solstice". After the winter solstice, the climate everywhere enters the coldest stage.


what is the winter solstice: Winter Festival, big winter, sub year old, small year and long shoe Festival have a long origin. People call the winter solstice Xiaonian because Jianzi of the Zhou Dynasty took November as the first month, which is the beginning of a new year. The Qin and Han Dynasties continued to follow its system. This concept has been spread to today. In the Han Dynasty, it was renamed the winter solstice as the winter festival and the solstice. From the northern and Southern Dynasties to the Tang and Song Dynasties, the winter solstice was called the second year or the beginning of the year.

2020年冬至是冬天结束吗 又叫什么

words of blessing friends in the winter solstice 1. No matter how cold the temperature is, it will not drop the temperature of concern; The busier and more chaotic is the mood. The more you want to read, the more you miss is the concern, greeting and missing. Distance creates space for true feelings. Today's winter solstice, bless friends: happy winter solstice! 2. It is another winter solstice, and the new year is not far away. In the leisurely years, we should wish the whole family well-being, pure heart, elegant, eternal wealth and prosperity, and everything is prosperous. May health, good luck and everything beautiful! 3. It was cold and dark at night, and the wind blew outside the South Railway Station; Live a lot, people are very tired, although there is little money and people are poor, we should send blessings: take care today's winter solstice, health and peace, people are relaxed, the winter solstice is as big as years, don't forget to eat dumplings Oh

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