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Is the 2020 winter solstice solar term into the ninth? Health tips

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winter solstice is a traditional festival in China, and it is also one of the 24 solar terms in China. There are many stresses during the winter solstice. Is the 2020 winter solstice into the ninth? What is the winter solstice health tips? Let's learn about this festival solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020冬至节气是进九吗 养生小常识

is the 2020 winter solstice solar term into nine: Yes, "counting nine" means counting nine days from the winter solstice, and the weather will change from the cold solstice to "warm in late spring".

winter solstice health tips should pay attention to daily life. The first step of winter solstice health preservation is reflected in daily life. We should go to bed early and get up late. It's appropriate to wait for the sun to appear before we come out for activities. At the same time, you should also wear close fitting warm clothes to resist the attack of cold. In addition, if you can take a good nap before and after the winter solstice, it plays an important role in health preservation. It can not only maintain your spirit, but also combine work and rest to achieve the purpose of health preservation.

2020冬至节气是进九吗 养生小常识

should pay attention to keep the indoor ventilation smooth. The winter solstice is cold and the temperature is low. Many people are used to closing the windows at home in order to prevent cold and keep warm. This practice is unscientific. If you stay in an unventilated room for a long time, the indoor carbon dioxide will increase sharply.


should pay attention to strengthening the foundation and protecting Qi. In winter, the climate tends to be cold, and the heaven and earth Yang Qi is hidden, which should be applied to the human body. Winter is also the best time for the human body to nourish and store energy. At this stage, human beings should not only pay attention to health preservation in daily life, but also pay attention to the winter tonic of diet and medicine.

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