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The legend of 2020 Winter Solstice Festival is a little shorter

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winter solstice is the earliest solar term in China, and with the development of time, the winter solstice has also formed many cultures and stories. What is the legend of 2020 Winter Solstice Festival? What's a short story about the winter solstice? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

冬至3 (2)

2020 winter solstice legend story 1 comes from the ancient emperors - Yellow Emperor and Yao emperor. The winter solstice festival originated from the Yellow Emperor and the Yao emperor. It is recorded in the historical records of filial piety and martial arts that a minister said to Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, "the Yellow Emperor got the CE or Jia, which was the year old youYou shuodan winter solstice, and got the discipline of heaven. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor pushed the policy to welcome the sun, and then led the 20-year-old to get the shuodan winter solstice." this record shows that the Yellow Emperor took the winter solstice as the beginning of the year and took the "shuodan", but the historical records of the Yellow Emperor stupid chicken " There is no relevant record in the Chinese version, so it is difficult to test solitary syndrome. Another theory is that Emperor Yao once ordered his uncle and he to live in the north to observe the operation of the sun and determine the time of the winter solstice. According to the book of Yu in the book of Yao in the book of history: "(Emperor Yao) Shen Ming and uncle, who lived in Shuo Fang, called Youdu. Ping was in Shuo Yi. The days were short, the stars were Pleiades, and it was midsummer." (according to: Shuo, also in the North). The book of history was completed recently from the time of Emperor Yao, and the reliability of the documents was relatively high, and the historical materials contained may be closer to the historical facts. It can be seen that the winter solstice, as a festival, has attracted people's attention in ancient China.


winter solstice legend story 2 in the past, old Beijing had the saying of "winter solstice wonton and summer solstice noodles". It is said that during the Han Dynasty, the northern Xiongnu often harassed the frontier, and the people were restless. At that time, Hun and Tun leaders of the Hun tribe were very cruel. People hate it so much that they wrap it into corners with meat stuffing, take the sound of "Hun" and "Tun", and call it "wonton". Hate to eat, and seek to quell the war and live a peaceful life. Because wonton was originally made on the winter solstice, every family eats wonton on the winter solstice. Eating "pinch frozen ears" is the common name for Henan people to eat dumplings during the winter solstice. Why is there such a food custom? It is said that Zhang Zhongjing, the medical saint of Nanyang, was an official in Changsha. He returned home. It was snowy winter and the cold wind was biting. When he saw that the villagers on both sides of the Baiye River in Nanyang were naked, and many people's ears were frozen and rotten, he was very sad. He asked his disciples to set up a medical shed in Guandong, Nanyang. They cooked mutton, pepper and some cold expelling herbs in a pot, took them out and chopped them, made them look like ears with flour bags, and then cooked them in a pot to make a kind of "cold expelling and ear correcting soup" The medicine was given to the people. After taking it, the villagers' ears were cured. Later, during the winter solstice, people imitated eating, so the custom of "pinching and freezing ears" was formed. Later, people called it "dumpling", and some also called it "flat food" and "hot dumpling". People also said that the dumplings eaten during the winter solstice were not frozen.

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