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What is the meaning of 2020 winter solstice wonton and summer solstice noodles? What is the meaning of solar terms

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winter solstice has a long history in China. Among the people, the winter solstice is not only a solar term but also a festival, and there are places different from other solar terms in customs. What does 2020 winter solstice wonton summer solstice mean? What is the meaning of winter solstice solar terms? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar! What does

2020冬至馄饨夏至面啥意思 节气意义是什么

2020 winter solstice wonton summer solstice noodles mean? There is a folk saying of "winter solstice wonton summer solstice noodles". Summer solstice noodles generally refer to noodles. There are many kinds of noodles in the south. Such as spring noodles, dry soup, boiled noodles, shredded meat noodles, oil residue noodles, three fresh noodles, shredded meat fried noodles, bridge noodles and sesame oil cold noodles in summer. In the north, it is mainly made of marinated noodles and fried sauce noodles. Because the summer solstice new wheat has appeared, the summer solstice noodles also have the meaning of tasting new. As for the "winter solstice wonton", it is said that during the Han Dynasty, the northern Huns often harassed the frontier and the people were restless. At that time, Hun and Tun leaders of the Hun tribe were very cruel. People hate it so much that they wrap it into corners with meat stuffing, take the sound of "Hun" and "Tun", and call it "wonton". Hate to eat, and seek to quell the war and live a peaceful life. Because wonton was originally made on the winter solstice, every family eats wonton on the winter solstice, which forms the saying of "winter solstice wonton and summer solstice noodles". There is another saying of "winter solstice wonton and summer solstice noodles": on the day of the winter solstice, there is a grand Dharma meeting at each Avenue in the capital. Taoist Sutra and the above table celebrate the birth of the first Heavenly Master. Tao believes that the first heaven in the Yuan Dynasty symbolizes the first century when chaos is not divided and Taoism is not obvious. Therefore, there is a folk custom of eating wonton. Yanjing's chronicle of the age of Yanjing said: "the shape of husband wonton is like a chicken egg, which is quite like the chaos of heaven and earth, so it is during the solar eclipse of the winter solstice." in fact, "wonton" is homonymous with "chaos", so people extend eating wonton to break the chaos and open up the world. Later generations will no longer explain its original meaning, but spread the proverb of "winter solstice wonton and summer solstice noodles", which is simply regarded as a seasonal diet.

2020冬至馄饨夏至面啥意思 节气意义是什么

what is the meaning of the winter solstice? 1. People begin to celebrate the winter solstice to celebrate the arrival of the new year. The ancients believed that since the winter solstice, the Yang Qi of heaven and earth began to flourish and become stronger, representing the beginning of the next cycle and the day of good luck. Therefore, later, the customs of ancestor worship and family dinner during the Spring Festival are often selected in the winter solstice. The winter solstice is also called "Xiaonian". First, it shows that the new year is approaching and there are not many days left; Second, it shows the importance of the winter solstice. 2. The winter solstice festival is also called the winter festival and the cross winter festival. It is not only one of the twenty-four solar terms, but also a traditional festival in China. The winter solstice is the earliest of the twenty-four solar terms. There was a saying that "the winter solstice is as big as a year". The court and the people have always attached great importance to it. There have been sacrificial activities since the Zhou Dynasty. The winter solstice as a festival originated in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties. 3. The winter solstice is a good time for health preservation, mainly because "Qi begins at the winter solstice". Because from the beginning of winter, life activities begin to turn from decline to prosperity and from static rotation. At this time, scientific health preservation helps to ensure vigorous energy and prevent premature aging, so as to prolong life. In the winter solstice, the diet should be diverse, the grain, fruit, meat and vegetables should be matched reasonably, and the high calcium food should be selected appropriately. 4. Different places have different customs during the winter solstice. Most places in northern China have the custom of eating dumplings during the winter solstice. After thousands of years of development, the winter solstice has formed a unique festival food culture. Eating dumplings has become the custom of most northern Chinese during the winter solstice. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, the custom of drinking mutton soup on the day of winter solstice is popular in Tengzhou City, Shandong Province, which means to get rid of the cold.

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