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Do you eat dumplings at the 2020 autumnal equinox? What are the weather proverbs

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autumn is the harvest season and a cool season, and the autumnal equinox is the solar term in autumn. At this time, there are many customs. Do you eat dumplings at the 2020 autumnal equinox? What are the proverbs of autumnal equinox weather? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年秋分吃饺子吗 天气谚语是哪些

eat dumplings at the 2020 autumnal equinox: eat dumplings in the northeast. First, dumplings are shaped like Yuanbao. People eat dumplings at the autumnal equinox to get the sound of "Attracting Wealth and making treasure". Second, dumplings have fillings, which is convenient for people to wrap all kinds of auspicious things into fillings to express people's hope for a good harvest in the new year.

what are the proverbs of autumnal equinox weather? It's cold in the morning and hot at noon. If it rains, it takes half a month. (Henan) it's cold in the morning and evening and hot at noon. It will take half a month for it to rain. (Guangdong) it's cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. If it wants to rain, wait half a month. (Lu) it's cold in the morning, hot at noon, and it rains for half a month. There is rain and cold dew at the autumnal equinox. Don't dry on rainy days at the autumnal equinox. The north wind is cold at the autumnal equinox. (Hunan) the autumnal equinox is full of rain. Autumn equinox cold rain comes early in spring. (Ji) it snows after the autumnal equinox. (Ji) there is fog at the autumn equinox and snow before March 9. (Ji) the autumnal equinox is strangely cold and the weather is bad. (Hebei) autumn equinox east wind drought in the coming year. (Hebei) before and after the autumnal equinox, there are many northerly winds and the main frost is early. (Ji)

2020年秋分吃饺子吗 天气谚语是哪些

good wishes for the autumn equinox 1. I have happiness to share with you. If you have troubles, please share them with me. Happiness and ecstasy are shared equally, and distress and suffering are shared together. Deep friendship is inseparable, and missing is transmitted exactly. I wish you peace, happy autumnal equinox and proper happiness every day. 2. One, two, three, four, five, play the autumn tiger. Touch the tiger's head and the heat will end. Shake the tiger's tail and the heat will end. Sitting on the back of a tiger doubles your health. Patting the tiger's shoulder is refreshing. Happy autumnal equinox! 3. The autumn wind is refreshing, the autumn rain is auspicious, the autumn flowers are beautiful and happy, and the autumn fruits say a good year. Pieces of blessings are at the autumnal equinox. May you be happy, smile and happy!

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