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Why is the autumnal equinox established in 2020? What is the climate of the festival

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will usher in the autumnal equinox after the Bailu solar term. At the autumnal equinox, the length of day and night is equal and the whole autumn is divided equally. So why is the autumnal equinox established in 2020? What is the climate at the autumnal equinox? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年秋分被立为什么节日 时节气候状况

why the 2020 autumnal equinox is established: China farmers harvest festival China farmers harvest festival is a festival established in China since June 21, 2018. The time is the annual Lunar autumnal equinox.

autumnal equinox climate conditions at autumnal equinox, most parts of China have entered a cool autumn. The cold air going south meets the gradually decaying warm and humid air, resulting in precipitation and temperature drop again and again. As people often say, it is time for "one autumn rain and one cold", but the daily precipitation after the autumnal equinox will not be very large. At this time, the field farming in the South and North are different. In North China, there is an agricultural proverb that says, "the White Dew is early, the cold dew is late, and it is the right time to plant wheat in autumn." the proverb clearly stipulates the time for sowing winter wheat in this area; "The autumn equinox weather is cloudy, good songs and good rice planting everywhere" reflects the time of rice planting in Jiangnan area. In addition, the taboos of the working people on the autumnal equinox solar terms are also summarized into proverbs, such as "the autumnal equinox is only afraid of lightning flash, how expensive is more rice".

2020年秋分被立为什么节日 时节气候状况

autumnal equinox intimate message 1. The autumnal equinox is coming, the autumn is striking, the autumn moon is charming, the autumn fruit is gratifying, good luck entangles people in autumn, and the autumnal equinox blessing is sent to friends. I wish you more and more charming and moving. 2. An autumn rain and a cold. A care, a love. It was cold all night. A flock of geese, bring frost. The autumnal equinox has come, and it is half autumn. I wish you good health and a happy family! 3. It's cold at the autumn equinox. It's important to care about each other! Clothes should be added in cold weather, lunch should be full, and hot water should be drunk. I hope my friendly tips can bring you a trace of warmth in the cold autumn! 4. The weather on the autumnal equinox turns cool, the autumn wind and autumn leaves are mixed with autumn frost, and the friendship of friends does not forget. It is rare to get together. Friends are busy at work. Friends bless their hearts, wish their good health forever, happiness and happiness are always accompanied, and happy autumnal equinox!

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