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Is it a long day or a long night after the winter solstice in 2020? Is it getting colder day by day

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The winter solstice in southern China is mostly used as a festival to offer sacrifices to ancestors, and the weather also changes during the winter solstice. Is it a long day or a long night after the winter solstice in 2020? Is it getting colder every day after the winter solstice? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年冬至过后是白天长还是晚上长 以后是不是一天比一天冷

is the day longer or the night longer after the 2020 winter solstice: after the winter solstice, the direct point of sunlight begins to move to the northern hemisphere, the day gradually lengthens and the night gradually shortens.

is it colder day by day after the winter solstice: Yes, the arrival of the winter solstice means, The coldest time of the year is coming. Although the direct point of the sun gradually swings northward from the Tropic of cancer after the winter solstice, because the solar radiation energy received by the earth is much less than the lost energy, the weather trend in the northern hemisphere will be colder and colder in the next month. The winter solstice, and the following three solar terms of mild cold and severe cold, are the coldest periods in China. Therefore, the folk combine these three solar terms as "midwinter". In the middle of winter, on average, there is a cold air going south in 5-7 days. Cold wave, freezing and Blizzard are the three major disastrous weather in the middle of winter.

2020年冬至过后是白天长还是晚上长 以后是不是一天比一天冷

Winter Solstice Blessings to friends 1. Eat a bowl of winter solstice dumplings. Happiness always revolves around the winter solstice. You often drink hot at the winter solstice and your body is not injured. If you stick to exercise, you will be healthy. May you be healthy and happy at the winter solstice. I wish you a happy winter solstice, happiness and health. 2. When the winter solstice comes, dumplings are fragrant. I'll send you blessings: Happy noodles wrapped with happy stuffing, meat dumplings safe, vegetarian dumplings healthy, Sanxian dumplings rich, and a bowl of soup to melt all your troubles! Wish: happy winter solstice. 3. The winter solstice night of a year is too long, and you always think about greetings in your heart; The temperature has already dropped, so it's safe to keep warm and warm; Remember to add clothes when you go out, and don't forget your deep friendship; All blessings tell your heart. May you have friends and live in peace and health forever. Wish: happy winter solstice.

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