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What are the origin and customs of the snow solar term

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heavy snow is the colder solar term among the 24 solar terms in China. In heavy snow, people will wear warm clothes and prevent catching cold. What is the origin and custom of heavy snow solar terms? What are the characteristics of the heavy snow solar term? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

大雪节气的由来和风俗 特点是什么

the origin of heavy snow solar terms on December 7 or 8 every year, when the sun's yellow longitude reaches 255 degrees, it is one of the 24 solar terms "heavy snow". Heavy snow, as the name suggests, heavy snow. The ancients said, "the big one is prosperous, and the snow is prosperous at this point.". At this time, the snow often falls in a large and wide range, so it is called heavy snow. The custom of


heavy snow solar terms watching snow in northern areas, many people have the habit of watching snow, stepping on snow and making snowmen on snowy days.

ice skating is durian ice. It is one of the winter games, which was called ice play in ancient times.

大雪节气的由来和风俗 特点是什么

Festival is held on November 12 of the lunar calendar every year. It's snowing now. Every morning, every family in the village prepares a rich breakfast. The most important thing is to cook a pig heart as a special sacrifice to the "shepherd God" before dinner. What are the characteristics of


heavy snow? The national cooling is obvious, the south is dry and occasionally snowed, and the south is foggy and warm in the afternoon https://dailyq-a.com/Culture/30256.html

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