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Which is the 2020 autumnal equinox or the beginning of autumn

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in China's 24 solar terms are distributed in four different seasons, so they also represent the characteristics of the four seasons. Which is autumn between the 2020 autumnal equinox and the beginning of autumn? What is the autumnal equinox health tips? Let's understand this solar term together with the old yellow calendar!

2020秋分和立秋哪个是秋天 养生小常识须知

which is autumn between the 2020 autumnal equinox and the beginning of autumn: both are autumn. The beginning of autumn means the beginning of autumn, and the autumnal equinox is half of autumn. So these two are the solar terms in autumn.

autumnal equinox health care tips: go to bed early and get up early. Daily life is often in autumn. The Yang in nature tends to converge from catharsis. The physiological activities of the human body should also change the Yin and Yang in nature. It is better to go to bed early and get up early. Go to bed early to comply with the collection of Yin essence, so as to cultivate "harvest" Qi; Getting up early conforms to the relaxation of Yang Qi and expands lung qi. The deeper the night, the heavier the cold, easy to invade the body, bury hidden dangers for future waist and leg pain, and lead to cough and other diseases.


moderate exercise, easy and gentle health preservation in autumn, focusing on "harvest". Exercise should choose relaxed and gentle items with little activity, such as walking, Taijiquan, cycling, dancing, etc., to prevent excessive sweating and yang depletion. When exercising, it is best to have a slight heat around the body and not sweat yet. Sweat can stop. Don't sweat profusely. In this way, you can not only get exercise, but also avoid cold entering the human body through pores and causing diseases. Exercise should not be too early or too late. It's best to start after the sun rises and end before the sun sets.


, 2020秋分和立秋哪个是秋天 养生小常识须知,


recuperate their emotions and relax. In autumn, the sunshine decreases, the temperature gradually decreases, and the flowers and trees wither. Some people are prone to melancholy and sentimental emotions, leading to secretion disorders in the body and diseases. Therefore, we should pay attention to cultivate optimism, maintain peace of mind and ease of mood, so as to adapt to the calm atmosphere of autumn. At this time, the most suitable sport is mountaineering. On a sunny day, I climb high and look far, feel happy, exercise my body and relax my body and mind.

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