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What is the basic meaning of the 2020 autumnal equinox? Why eat dumplings

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in autumn, the weather turns cool gradually, and people begin to add clothes gradually. In autumn, when the mid autumn equinox is also a special existence, what is the basic meaning of the 2020 autumn equinox? Why eat dumplings on the autumnal equinox? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020年秋分的基本含义是什么 为什么吃饺子

what is the basic meaning of the 2020 autumnal equinox? First, the time of day and night is equal. On this day, the sun reaches 180 degrees of the Yellow longitude and goes straight to the earth's equator. Therefore, 24 hours of this day in most parts of the world are divided into 12 hours of day and night. After the autumnal equinox, the direct point of the sun begins to enter the Southern Hemisphere from the equator, the northern hemisphere begins to have shorter days and longer nights, and the day is shorter than the night; Near the Arctic is also about to usher in a long night for six consecutive months of the year and a starry sky for six consecutive months. Second, the climate changes from hot to cold. According to the division of seasons in ancient China, which began with the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the autumnal equinox ranks among the 90 days of autumn, and the autumn is divided equally.


why eat dumplings at the autumnal equinox? First, the shape of dumplings is like a ingot. People eat dumplings at the autumnal equinox with the sound of "Attracting Wealth and making money". Second, dumplings have stuffing, which is convenient for people to wrap all kinds of auspicious things into the stuffing, so as to place people's hope for a bumper harvest in the new year. Dumpling is a kind of folk food with a long history, which is deeply welcomed by the people. There is a folk saying "delicious but dumplings". Every autumn equinox, dumplings become an indispensable delicacy.

2020年秋分的基本含义是什么 为什么吃饺子

the blessing of autumnal equinox solar terms 1. When the autumnal equinox comes, the blessing of Full Score shines: good luck cover, millions of lottery tickets; A lucky hug along the way; Happy jump, happy mood bubble; Happy smile, colorful life roars. I wish you a happy autumnal equinox! 2. When the leaves fall and the autumn is known, a friend is still there; Maple Leaf inscribes a poem, saying a blessing forever; The autumnal equinox comes again, and the heat fades away; Greetings sent, the day has become cold, remember to add clothes. Difficult to give up the friendship, mellow as wine, the affection of good friends, is inseparable from the left and right. A greeting, I wish you a carefree life. Happy autumnal equinox, my friend! 3. The autumnal equinox is inseparable from happiness and health; Autumnal equinox is inseparable from struggle and dream; The autumnal equinox is inseparable from happiness and hope; Autumn equinox, inseparable from friends and blessings. Refreshing autumnal equinox, let greetings harvest friendship, get full marks.

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