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What are the interesting customs of the 2020 autumnal equinox

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autumnal equinox is a solar term in autumn in China, and the autumnal equinox divides the whole autumn equally, and the weather gradually changes from hot to cool. What are the customs and activities of the 2020 autumnal equinox solar term? What are the interesting customs of the autumnal equinox? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2020秋分节气有什么风俗活动 有趣的习俗

what are the customs and activities of 2020 autumnal equinox? 1. Eating autumn vegetables "autumn vegetables" is a kind of wild amaranth, which villagers call "autumn green Artemisia". Every autumn equinox, the whole village went to pick autumn vegetables. When searching in the field, it is often green and thin, about the length of a palm. The collected autumn vegetables are usually "boiling soup" with fish fillets at home, which is called "autumn soup". There is a doggerel saying: "autumn soup fills the dirty and washes the liver and intestines. The whole family, old and young, is safe and healthy."

2. Vertical egg autumn is divided into the best time of vertical egg game, so there is a saying that "when the autumn equinox comes, the eggs are beautiful". Choose a smooth and symmetrical fresh egg that has just been born for four or five days, and stand it up on the table with light hands and feet.

3. The autumnal equinox was a traditional "festival of sacrificing the moon". For example, in ancient times, there was the saying of "offering sacrifices to the sun in spring and the moon in autumn". Now the Mid Autumn Festival comes from the traditional "Moon Festival".

4. The folk festivals before and after the autumn equinox have the birthday of the Kaizhang holy king on February 15: the Kaizhang holy king, also known as "Chen holy king", is Chen Yuanguang, a martial scholar of the Tang Dynasty. He made meritorious contributions to Zhangzhou and became the patron saint of Zhangzhou after his death.

5. The autumn equinox for sending autumn cattle arrived, and there was a picture of sending autumn cattle from house to house. The picture is to print the year-round lunar solar terms on two Kai red or yellow paper, as well as the pattern of farmers farming, which is called "the picture of autumn cattle". The picture givers are good folk singers. They mainly say that autumn ploughing and auspiciousness do not violate the agricultural season. When they go to each house, they are inspired by the scene and say what they see until the owner is happy to give money. Although the words come out with your mouth, they have a beautiful rhyme. Commonly known as "saying autumn", people who say autumn are called "autumn officials".

2020秋分节气有什么风俗活动 有趣的习俗

6. On the autumnal equinox, farmers have a holiday according to customs. Each family has to eat Tang yuan, cook more than ten or twenty or thirty Tang Yuan that don't need to worry about, and put it on the outdoor ridge by the field with a thin bamboo fork. It is called sticky sparrow mouth, so as not to damage the crops by sparrows.

7. Kite flying is a good time for children to fly kites during the autumn equinox. Especially on the autumnal equinox. Even adults are involved. Kites include Wang Zi kite, silver carp kite, squint moth kite, Leigong insect kite and yueerguang kite. The larger ones are two meters high and the smaller ones are two or three feet high. There are kites on the market. Most of them are small and suitable for children to play. Most of them are pasted by themselves. They are large. They have to compete with each other to see which one is high.

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